Upcoming Film: Battle Angel Alita

Let’s hope they don’t fuck it up like the jiddish version of Ghost In The Shell.

This video talks about the trailer and shows some art from the original Manga. I started reading it some years back because I dislike Manga with those oversimplified emoji-faces; Battle Angel Alita makes sure it keeps bodies and faces realistic and in my opinion, very well drawn. Plus, it’s got extreme cyborgification of about everyone; an entire civilisation of more or less roboticized people in a junkyard style city living off the technological scraps falling from the sky. Literally a junkyard. And yes stuff does fall from the sky: From a tethered orbital tower of a supercivilization that you never get to see. Or do you?

This is, with Appleseed, one of the more original Manga future visions.

And, James Cameron is behind the movie. I love his work on Terminator 2 but found Smurfs In Space stupid. Cameron is a  genius when it comes to maximize bang for the buck in special effects.

James Cameron learned his trade at Roger Corman. He did the effects for Battle Beyond The Stars, a Corman Star Wars rip off. For a fiver or so.


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