Earth Absorbs 1000 TEv Neutrinos

By measuring the amount of 1000 TEv neutrino collisions they get in a neutrino detector 1 cubic kilometer of ice – counting Tschernenko radiation flashes, blue light – over a day scientists discovered that the core of the Earth absorbs many 1000 TEv neutrinos. Lower energy neutrinos pass through undeterred, but around 1000 TEv there’s a resonance or something and many of them get absorbed , leading to particle showers in the core of the Earth and amongst others, production of electrons.

A trillion TEv corresponds to 1 microgram of matter (I computed it via E=mc^2). So now we have explanations for

  • the negative charge of the Earth (200V/m vertical voltage gradient in the atmosphere, and yes, you can draw a current from a vertical antenna, though, very low Amperage, some nanoAmperes)
  • the re-heating of the core the Earth
  • an expanding Earth through matter creation in the core.
  • constant production of radioactive isotopes in the core, and via decay, production of H, C, O, leading to abiogenic synthesis of Methane and hydrocarbons. Also, production of He of course, leading to Helium content in all natural gas wells.

THe scientists proudly proclaimed that once again, their standard model was validated and no new physics were discovered. Yet, they didn’t mention the consequences.

So, for those who follow the Electric Universe cosmology , the question was always: Where does the energy come from that gives planets or asteroids their charge. The neutrino absorption solves this question.

And, this is important because if all planets get recharged negatively all of the time, stable orbits over millions of years become possible. They are NOT stable in any simulation of a gravity-only cosmos. A slight mutual repelling via the enormously strong electric force (10^32 or 10^34 times the force of gravity) could be enough to stabilize the system.


2 thoughts on “Earth Absorbs 1000 TEv Neutrinos”

  1. Hey Dirk, this is very interesting! Do you have any link to “the core of the Earth absorbs many 1000 TEv neutrinos” part?
    This is truly a revolutionary discovery đŸ™‚


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