Wikipedia Deletes Evolution Skeptics

Please never give money to wikipedia. Always give money to Infogalactic.

Wikipedia Erases Paleontologist Günter Bechly,

a German museum employee of 17 years of excellent conduct who recently looked into Dr. Behe’s arguments and became convinced that Neo-Darwinism cannot explain the manyfold complex biological subsystems each requiring MULTIPLE positive mutations working in tandem, making their consecutive appearance a combinatorial impossibility.

Wikipedia Blockwarts reacted by DELETING HIS PAGE.

I am sure they did this to save harddisk space.

Luckily for those of you who want an online encyclopedia with no such harddisk limitations, and probably far fewer overpayed foundation employees, you can always go to Infogalactic where you WILL find Dr.  Günter Bechly.

As encouraged by the lovely people at Jimbo Wales’ bolshevist encyclopedia, Infogalactic FORKED all of wikipedia’s contents and is not affected by the current campaign of deletions at Jimbo’s; so while wikipedia is on the warpath against wrongthink, any sane person will use a comple encyclopedia.



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