Qatar Pissed That They Get All The Blame For ISIS

Interview with Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabr Al Thani

“Maybe there was a relationship with Nusra, its possible but I myself don’t know about this… we were fighting over the prey [“al-sayda”] and now the prey is gone and we are still fighting… and now Bashar is still there. You [US and Saudi Arabia] were with us in the same trench…

Also confirms that one of the command centres for the Islamic Terror against ASSAD was in Turkey… does this sound like the US embassy to anyone…

Source: zerohedge

That’ll give our Western journalists headaches. How will they sweep THIS under the rug. As I repeatedly noticed, even with the help of German reconaissance planes, Nobel-Peace price winning genius OBAMA never managed a success against ISIS – a job  that “mad crazy Nazi retard” TRUMP finished in 6 months.

The Left are the lovers of genocidal terrorists. And look how they hate Trump for murdering their beloved terrorists.

Will MERKEL and her gang face consequences for supporting OBAMA’s terror campaign militarily? I hope so, but I don’t expect it.



How Trolls Cause Men To Chop Off Their Dicks

Becoming the target of a troll campaign correlates highly with the target later declaring itself to be of the opposite sex and potentially taking self-mutilating action, notices EZ PZ.

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Leftist Cesspool NeoGAF Implodes

NeoGAF, huge leftist gaming forum with the strictest groupthink requirements – banning anyone who questions the PC narrative – self-immolates due to the owner of the website, Evilore, being accused of serial sexual harrassment. Many GAFfers demand to be banned, 9 admins and mods have quit.

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Britanny Pettybone From The Frankfurt Book Fair AntiFa Fracas

Britanny accompanied Martin Sellner, Austrian Generation Identitaire leader, to his planned book presentation at left-leaning Frankfurt Book Fair. Of course the event was disrupted by screaming and whistling Antifa operatives. The right wing audience shouted them down with ease. Police ended the reading.

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Crazy Leftists Want Female Athletes Run Over By Bulldozers

Leftists demand that Australian NFL – Australian football being similar to Rugby – “get their house in order” regarding allowing biological males on hormones to compete against females.

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