Google About To Punch Water. Hard.

Google cracks down on non-leftist thought at youtube by letting the ADL do the censoring. They just wiped Jordan Peterson’s account, no reason given, and reinstated it a few days later – with no statement – as Peterson was raising a stink.

Now, everyone sees what Google does.

For instance, Ezra Levant plans to build his own video hosting app for Rebel Media.

Others are planning similar things. Ezra says he needs to invest 120 k USD.

We might see a fracturing of the video market, followed by an emergence of non-Google based independent video app lookup services: The replacement of the monopolist youtube by an ecosystem of small players.

I’m currently consuming via youtube a lot because it meshes so well with wordpress and because they currently still have good suggestions. When that ceases, I’ll move with the creators I follow.

As technology marches on, video hosting becomes ever cheaper.  The kind of app that Ezra envisions for Rebel Media will be available cheaply or even as Open Source. Or maybe is already. I didn’t check. Video won’t go away when youtube becomes legacy media, a desert of feminist talking points.

As Ezra describes, the dream of the psychopath teletubbies at Google is an all-pervasive AI that auto-censors wrongthink. Their lunacy is limitless. And ineffectual. I’d call that AI… Satan. Because Satan hates the truth, and that’s what their AI would have to do. I considered Moloch, or Baal, but, the entity that has the properties Eric Schmidt envisions is Satan. In the Christian understanding, not in the Jewish, where Satan is just a servant of God.



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