Canada Declares Damnatia Memoria On Non-Leftist PM

Following the tradition of Roman God-Emperors, wiping out historical records of past rulers who fell in disfavor, Trudeau has requested to delete all of former non-leftist Prime Minister Harper from Google search results.

Google obediently complied.

The Globalist Left applies the playbook of the 1984 Ministry Of Truth, rewriting history.

Leftist historians are busy populating European history with fictitious black people.

BBC: Black And British: A Forgotten History

The trick they use here is that they conflate Black and African. The Northern shores of Africa were populated by the exact same people as Greece or Spain or Rome, not by Blacks. See today’s blue eyed Berbers.

The mental dysfunction of the Globalist Left takes on ridiculous proportions. They literally can’t stand the truth like a vampire can’t stand garlic.


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