Patreon Kicks Out Terrorist Group “It’s Going Down”

After Patreon kicked out Lauren Southern, people discovered that Patreon is perfectly fine with supporting the leftist terrorist group It’s Going Down or IGD which advocates for instance sabotage of train tracks and other violent acts.

After being caught, Patreon had no alternative but for the time being shut down their support of leftist terrorism – to appear less extremist. The IDG terrorists blame Tim Pool, an independent journalist who calls himself impartial, for outing them.

Tim Pool complains that many people now have stopped using Patreon altogether given their ban on Lauren Southern, causing him loss of income.

Patreon has a “no hatespeech” policy, meaning they are their own ministry of truth, and obviously, for them hatespeech is on the right. Calls to violence on the Left get a pass until the public notices, then a hasty repair job is implemented.

It looks like trying to protect white countries from economic mass migration from Africa is hatespeech for Patreon. Just as well. Patreon has decided that white countries must be flooded with Africans. Now we know.

One simple way of stopping the economic mass migration would be the abolition of the welfare state and the minimum wage. Black Africans can’t compete in Europe. They would walk away with no welfare payments.

If you want to keep a welfare state you have to have borders as well. Meaning, Globalism and the welfare state contradict each other. Women though will always vote for the welfare state and against borders. It is a recipe for absolutely certain disaster. Universal suffrage wipes itself out.

It will be seen as a historic aberration by the survivors.

As to the excuse of “It’s Going Down” that they are only a “forum” for leftist terrorists who pour concrete on railroad tracks This hiding behind a pretense of “independent media” is used by the German terrorist website indymedia/linksunten as well. On that website the red terrorists of Germany who recently demolished Hamburg, destroying supermarkets, punching up some journalists who they suspected to be right wingers because they were on a photo taken with Lauren Southern – who managed to evade being beaten up – on that website they share photos of people who they suspect to be right wingers, to doxx them, find out their car license plate number and burn down their car in the night, throw rocks in their windows and throw paint at their houses and at least in one case pour chemicals in their faces.

The privilege of journalists will have to go as well as it is used by terrorists for cover. They are mostly liars anyway.



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