CIA Drops JFK Story

For decades, the CIA has told us that Oswald killed JFK alone. They even invented the term conspiracy theorist to slander all truth seekers.

As nobody believes their story – and showing belief in the official story is the one sure way to brand yourself a moron publically – the CIA itself drops it now and claims that they suspected something else all along.

Here’s their waffling, via politico via zerohedge

Didn’t read it because it’s their second line of defense lies.

The first line that has now officially fallen is the Oswald story that was concocted by none other than Mr. CIA Allan Dulles himself in the Warren commission.

The details of their new lie do not matter. Probably no one will read it or care anyway. The only important thing is the collapse of their original story.

Politico of course is a propaganda outlet. Zerohedge likely republished it for the same reason I talk about it. Notice none of their commenters take the new refined CIA propaganda seriously.


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