A Market For Video Databases Opens Up

Youtube works together with the ADL – which was originally founded to whitewash the name of a Jewish pedophile child-murderer – to hide conservative videos – as the entirety of Google employees is rabidly leftist.

Now at the moment they are not outrightly deleting all the videos they hate. They will just HIDE them. That means the URLs will still work.

Naturally this opens the opportunity for an independent conservative, or shall we say ALT RIGHT – as there is nothing to conserve anymore – it is now about rebuilding what the Globalist Left has destroyed since 1965 – the opportunity for an independent video database that simply links to what’s new and hot as youtube will refuse to do it.

Of course such a database will not be restricted to youtube videos. Google is trying to become the un-search engine. Interestingly they are trying to defeat themselves.

This is pretty funny: Their very source of sustenance causes them Cognitive Dissonance: The psychopath teletubbies of GOOGLE *HAVE TO* make it possible to find content they hate so deeply to not sink into irrelevance. They have literally chosen their own hell.

That’s why Google’s and the ADL’s push to censorship can never succeed. They can at most and under growing pains push the equilibrium for a limited amount and under constant application of force.



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