Hey Blacks. Would You Please Stop Whining About Slavery.

American Blacks keep using a 400 year old story as bargaining chips. Hey Blacks. YOU’RE NOTHING SPECIAL.

EVERYONE got enslaved before Christian civilization developed labour-saving devices.

All of the Roman Empire was awash with slaves. The Romans were master engineers, yet they never even got the idea that one could replace human muscle with anything else. Why would one? Human muscle was amply available! If you don’t have enough of it, just enslave some tribe of savages.

Slavs got enslaved. They got so enslaved all the time by everyone that they’re NAMED after it.

Italians got enslaved by Muslim pirate raiders. All of the coast was deserted just 400 years ago as the pirates would snatch entire villages at a time. Til the dominance of the Muslims was crushed at Lepanto for good.

Germans got enslaved, either by their own aristocrats or by the church or by whoever marauded through the country.

Japanese got enslaved by their rulers. Chinese got enslaved by Mongol invaders.

So just STOP IT.

And all of that slavery in the West got stopped exactly and ONLY because Christians developed machines that could replace the slaves. Slave societies are the first victim of automation.

We exchanged our dependence on slave labour with a dependence on machine labour.

I, as a developer of automation solutions, am one of the GOOD guys. I set people free from boring toil. There you have it. What, you lost your job? Well face it. If I could automate it, it was a boring piece of crap in the first place. Get a grip and find something more interesting to do.

And if it’s only sitting in your basement watching youtube videos. That’s more interesting than your job was. Your job was mindless repetition of the same thing over and over again.

Why do I go off on this rant? This video review of Spiderman Homecoming triggered me.

Especially that the movie contains a scene where one of the POC actors asks a guard whether the Washington monument was built with the help of slave labour.

Now of course it was. The USA didn’t just import about 400,000 African slaves but many million white slaves, called indentured servants, mostly from Ireland and Scotland and to a lesser degree from continental Europe. The Hesse soldiers were SOLD by the ruler of Hesse to fight in the 7 year war. They were Germans who got enslaved by their local aristocrat. It was his BUSINESS MODEL and he got stinking rich with it.

They or their descendants eventually became free US citizens just like the descendants of the Blacks did. Those who didn’t die anyway. You don’t see descendants of the Hesse soldiers marching through the street screaming, “HESSE LIVES MATTER, WHAT DO WE WANT? DEAD COPS”, now do ya?

Today Black Africans are still harping on about the fact that some of their ancestors were a very small part of this HUGE number of slaves.

Stop complaining will ya? You’re not special. And your ancestors didn’t even get castrated. That’s what Arab slaveholders do.


Now of course we are dependent on finding energy sources to power our machine armada which is a never ending source of handwringing, whining, wars and search for alternative sources. But, that’s better than wholesale enslavement, don’t ya think.



2 thoughts on “Hey Blacks. Would You Please Stop Whining About Slavery.”

  1. Indeed. Lost in all of the noise is this little tidbit. Before ‘scientific socialism’, the Southern Slave-holders decided that they were a natural aristocracy. Can’t have free blacks being slave-holders, now could we. It spoils the narrative. So, like the aborigines who were betrayed by the Jackson Administration (yeah, the Trail of Tears wasn’t his idea, as such; but since he didn’t stop it, he owns it), those Southern Free-black property owners had to be exprorpriated. Once that happened, they were sold into slavery, too.


  2. Sad to see that there still exist slaves, even in the US.

    Inside the post I found this link:
    Between the highlights on first page:
    Confirmed sex trafficking victims were more likely to be white (26%) or black (40%), compared to labor trafficking victims, who were more likely to be Hispanic (63%) or Asian (17%).
    as well as:
    Most confirmed human trafficking suspects were male (81%). More than half (62%) of confirmed sex trafficking suspects were identified as black, while confirmed labor trafficking suspects were more likely to be identified as Hispanic (48%).


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