Al Gore Explains Why The World Is Ending

It’s because the climate has stopped being the intermediator between the macro and the micro.

Yeah I know, that’s what I thought as well. Now listen to him very carefully.

So now you know, and you know what’s the funny part about it? That there are millions of college kids both sides of the Atlantic who think this old senile fraud knows anything.

And in the case of the US they even pay to become that stupid. In the case of Germany, *I* pay for it because university education is mostly tax payer funded.

Anyway. Warmunism, always a good laugh. Watch out for the rain bombs! You know what I do when I’m on my bike? And the rain bombs are dropping?

I put on a rain jacket. That’s what the world has come to. Remember, there were no rain bombs before the Flood.

I noticed a thing. From time to time I can’t resist telling young university-educated engineers something. Like, why warmunism is bullshit. And they get really nervous because they kinda know that they have absolutely no counterargument. It’s when they realize they’ve been fed hollow proclamations by their priests all their life.

For instance they simply don’t know that H2O, not CO2, is the dominant greenhouse gas. They realize that their entire Weltanschauung is built on blind trust to obviously senile obvious con-men.



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