The Left Becomes Islamic

The Left is so infiltrated by Muslim immigrants that they ditch their last intellectuals, the Four Horsemen of New Atheism, because the horsemen criticize Islam like they criticized Christianity.

National Review Article describing the recent history of the purge at the Left.

The Horsemen were the last people on the left with an IQ over 100.

Not much above 100, but still.

As every criticism of Islam is now silenced on the Left, the Left is now Islamic.
Critiques of Islam will continue to be ejected and invariably be welcomed by Right Wingers.
The islamic Left will solidify. It will consequently never again formulate a coherent argument and needs not be listened to. (Remember, Muslims stopped believing in causality in 1110 AD; logical incoherence is the commonality between Islam and the remaining Left.)

If you want to know what the Left will bring forth in the future, just take the shortcut and read the Quran straight away. Short read. Ignore the bungled quarter; the Muslims can’t read that either. Nobody can make sense of it. (yes. One full quarter of the Quran is a bungled mess.)

The Left will, over time, arrive at the Quran 100% as ideological differences are ironed out.

What interpretation of the Quran will they use? Well, assume the most violent one, because peaceful interpretations are not relevant in a war.
Concentrate on the relevant Leftists. The relevant Leftists will be the violent ones. They will be 100% Halal.

And no, I don’t arrive at this conclusion because of National Review. I watched with amusement how people like Dawkins got purged over the past months by their comrades. National Review just describes what happened succinctly.

Many Leftist watercarriers are not at all happy with how the Horsemen are treated. They will defect from the Left. People like thunderf00t or Sargon, that sort of people.

In Germany, the socialist SPD is dying, for the same Islam-related reasons. Defectors end up in the AfD.

The fine distinction between Islam, “Islamism”, and “Islamist Terrorism” is seen as bullshit sophistry – by the SPD-voting workers first.

Workers don’t like attempts at gaslighting. The workers didn’t read the Quran to analyse what happens – but they smell a rat easily when party leaders start waffling.

Mid-level Intellectuals (around IQ 120, your typical engineer) are easier deluded but eventually they’ll defect as well.

So How Do We Accelerate The Collapse Of The Left

Simple: Applaud them for their Islamophilia. Whenever USA or Israel lob a missile at a terrorist HQ, or kill a knife terrorist Muslim, encourage the Left to take the side of Jihad against the West. It repels all sane people. Make the Left self-immolate by their own stupidity. When Russia kills a terrorist: Encourage the Left to go all Anti Russian. Same effect.



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