Muslim Militia Forms In NRW Town

The heavily islamized town Mönchengladbach north of the Ruhr river – the entire Northern river bank is heavily islamized – or, heavier than the southern bank anyway – now has an islamic milita calling itself “Germanys Muslims”[sic]; styling themselves like a motorcycle gang.

Gang members don’t own motorbikes though. Leader of the militia, a German who converted to Islam, claims the purpose of the gang is to “protect Muslims from ever rising Islamophobia”.

This is of course only the first step towards an armed militia that controls its territory and finally secedes, probably connected with the threat of terror, claims of being oppressed, demanding ever more autonomy etc etc, a process that takes decades and leads to a Muslim enclave, from where they can launch terror attacks and rockets and such, probably supplied by an Islamic state via the usual black market trafficking.

This is a step up from the “Shariah Police” in Wuppertal, maybe 40 km to the South of M’Gladbach; a rise in militancy; the beginning of a formation of homelands, formal No Go Areas for Germans and German police.

We can expect expensive and ineffectual crackdown attempts by police and no sentencing of the gang leaders; and, more and more formations of such militias around the country.

As these groups get prohibited, for each one that dissolves ten new ones will emerge. The German state will eventually cease to crack down on them as resources dwindle.

So. If you’re a tourist: Don’t visit the area. You miss nothing. It’s a run down rust belt with tons of unemployed Muslims and white flight and constant rain.

If you’re an investor: Don’t buy real estate there.



2 thoughts on “Muslim Militia Forms In NRW Town”

  1. In my country, we have warned Europeans on all levels from the danger of islamism. Those people are not seeking an asylum but they want to conquer Europe and declare it a Muslim continent. Even the lebanese Muslims have warned the same. Europeans never listened !


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