Straight White Male Cheats On Wife For 15 Years

We all thought he was our hero because he was so anti-Trump, feminist, women-empowering, an entertainment mogul, but he turns out to be just like all the other straight white males. His name is JOSS WHEDON. Hey color me shocked, a Leftist with no semblance of morals?

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Feminists Find Soft Targets In Software Industry

Silicon Valley has become a madhouse of Political Correctness, suppression of free speech and abolition of diversity of opinion. Feminists have wormed their way into the companies and bring in more and more troops to turn the meritocracy of tech into their loot, spreading gender madness along the way.

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Google Blacklists More And More Independent News Channels

The Silicon Valley SJW Mafia now blacklists entire channels and demonetizes nearly all their videos when their opinion is not leftist. The reason given is that they are controversial and not suited for ALL ADVERTISERS. So the only way to earn money on youtube is to cater to ALL ADVERTISERS which means, being leftist.

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Silicon Valley SJW Cartel Purges Non-Leftists

Daily Stormer, V Dare and Hatreon have three things in common: They were right wing or free speech websites; they had something or other to do with the Unite The Right protest in Charlottesville; (in the case of Hatreon the fact that they allowed Daily Stormer to use their service); and they got services terminated because of wrongthink by the Silicon Valley SJW Cartel of Google, Cloudflare, GoDaddy, PayPal.

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Test Of Youtube’s Limited State Videos

Google isolates wrongthink on youtube now. Videos that are blacklisted will not be deleted for now; but will not be suggested, will have no comments, and will only be accessible with a direct link. Will they play inside a wordpress post? Let’s find out.

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Devolution: Entire Generations Worship 6 Seconds Of Audio

Very interesting. This is the history of a drum break played in 1969, sampled in the early 1980ies, leading to thousands of techno, acid, and jungle pieces, endlessly repeating its components, creating a multi generational industry.

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