Under Obama, ISIS Flourished. Under Trump, ISIS Died.

That shows how INSANE all Leftists and all their media are. The media refuse to observe this simple connection. The Left continues to worship OBAMA and his reign even though it was the years when the CIA systematically built up Syrian Jihadis, as zerohedge documents.

MERKEL still kisses OBAMA whenever she meets him; her party CDU has always demanded an end to Assad’s reign, putting the CDU straight in the camp of the Left – which is the camp of Globalism and the camp of the enemies of TRUMP.

TRUMP obviously told someone, roll back the entire plan, undo every step you did to build up ISIS, and presto, a whole lot of cold dead ISIS goons.

Every terrorist movement is state-funded. Every terrorist leader who isn’t exterminated in time becomes the president of a country. See Mandela, Arafat.

Leftists. It is time to quit being worshippers of terror.


2 thoughts on “Under Obama, ISIS Flourished. Under Trump, ISIS Died.”

    1. I hope not. Rockefeller’s dead, Brzezinski’s dead, McCain is feeling unwell. Anyone heard of Kissinger lately?
      All in all, looks like the NeoCons are now going the way the old Bolshevists went in the 1980ies.


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