MSM Promotes Assfuckery To 13 Year Old Girls

How about we make a nice bonfire of VOGUE and especially TEEN VOGUE. Not every idea of the Nazis was wrong (we can talk about WHAT we should burn. MSM? HELL YEAH.).

One problem with assfuckery is that you have ONE layer of epithelial cells in the intestinge – while the Vagina has three. This easily leads to perforation and, if another human sticks his organ into it, to an intrusion of not only waste but also foreign human proteins and the according immune reaction, i.e. an inflammation. Repeat anal sex would then lead to chronic inflammation, pretty reliably so. I wonder whether anyone has ever examined this in whoreboys. Well when they all started dying in 1980 the CDC quickly found a new disease called AIDS… Duesberg hypothesized that it was a breakdown of the immune system due to chronic inflammation combined with nitrogenic drugs used for muscle relaxation… see the film “House Of Numbers” which disputes the HIV-AIDS connection. At that time the CDC faced the prospect of budget cuts because there was no health crisis on the horizon. Duesberg at wikipedia.

Notice, they call him a denialist. You can only deny something of which you think it is true – so they believe Duesberg thinks HIV causes AIDS which he doesn’t. Denialist is a propaganda term, a rethorical term, not one used in a reasoned debate: This is about removing a person that stands in the way of an unproven hypothesis.

This ubiquitious use of the word denialism is one sign of the conformity cult of an intellectually bankrupt movement. We know that from “Climate Denier”.

If you’re part of the movement that uses the word “denialism”, you are part of the people who do not know logic, cannot be convinced by logic, but you operate purely by emotion.

Well anyway. Why would a person with a vagina feel the need to have a penis rammed up her ass in the first place, and why would an MSM journalist promote it?

They delight in doing damage. The MSM must be boycotted wholesale.


One thought on “MSM Promotes Assfuckery To 13 Year Old Girls”

  1. Actually, Dirk, it was in 1977 or so when that was noticed, along with a ‘new’ form of hepatitis, that seemingly was limited to the subset of people who: 1. did IV drugs, 2. did anal sex, or 3. did both. At the time, there was rampant speculation about whether this was a sexually transmitted disease, a blood borne disease, or both. Given that there were not any good screening tests (and wouldn’t be until a few years after 1979/80 (NB, Carter administration, not Reagan …. Jan 1981 for that and HEW guy at the time, Joseph Califano, was out there talking and the local health departments, once they took the STD/Blood borne seriously did two things. 1. Stop taking blood donations from this subset, pending ruling that out and 2. quarantining cases, primarily to keep the afflicted from getting infections from others and to keep them from giving others a potentially fatal infectious disease.

    I was working in a pathology lab at the time, 1980 and 81, (one was a sickling hemoglobin lab, the other a cholesterol/lipoprotein lab) and heard about stuff that the virology labs were working on (some of which was published and affected policy). One of those labs was one of the first few labs doing work in that field. I recall stuff being published about a related Marburg family virus. This one was the simian immunodeficiency virus. There are a number of strains of these and I connected the dots. Others did too, for a formal epidemiological ‘patient zero’ tracing was done. HIV is a mutated Marburg family virus. It shares features with the SIV and with the Ebola virus. Imagine the panic when the possibility of this being one of the insect-vector infectious diseases. Why did it emerge when it did? I can tell you what some of the virologists thought and I believe it, given the part of the world this virus seems to have come from, the culture of the area, and the sex trade culture. It isn’t pretty what politics did to sound infectious disease control. Precautionary principle you ask? Don’t go there, Comrade. 😦


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