Hollywood Elite At Satanist Art Event, 2011

Mock cannibalism, allusions to pedophile code words. Many pretty Hollywood faces.

Boycott all American mass media products.

The photos are from an event in 2011. Source

This only changes one thing: That the present Hollywood degenerates now have decayed for six more years and that their careers are headed into the twilight. Which is a very good thing.

In any case, Hollywood must be starved until it is a barren wasteland.

Of course the scenes remind us of similar art by the Globalist degenerates from the Swedish ministry of culture.

Source (pretty new, I think from 2016)

The Hollywood degenerates and the Swedish government degenerates are in a process of constant mental decay. Their brains crave eternal boundary-pushing – that’s why Hollywood movies today have become an unwatchable mess of blood and gore and why Sweden is quickly turning into African tribal warzone. All of this is desired by the decayed brains of the Globalists. It’s their drug. They have nothing constructive in their lives. They are spiritually empty and they need discarded: Thrown away into the wastebin of history. They can’t be healed but they can be neutralized.


One thought on “Hollywood Elite At Satanist Art Event, 2011”

  1. The richer u are (specially mega filthy rich like Hollywood stars) the more bored u become, therefore the more vicious or the more manipulated… so freaking..
    But I must add that the one who made the cakes looking like women bodies is an artist! So well done!


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