MERKEL’s “Conservative” CDU And ANTIFA Want The Same Thing

I don’t get tired pointing this out. As we all know, Merkel has in 2015 invited all Muslim “refugees” to Germany and de facto illegally removed all borders; violating the Schengen treaty conditions and German constitutional law which says that only people from neighbouring countries can apply for asylum.

As the “refugees” can in most cases NOT be extradited because the Muslim countries do not take anyone back, Merkel’s party CDU knew that they would be importing millions of people who would never get asylum AND would not be extradited. So this is knowingly harming the German people, which again violates the constitution.

And all of this, the illegal mass immigration enabled by a treasonous government, is of course what Globalism demands and what ANTIFA demands. German Antifa has two slogans: “”NO BORDERS NO NATION” and “Deutschland Ist Scheisse”.

Basically that’s the position of MERKEL’s “conservative” CDU as well.

BTW why does Globalism not work without limitless migration? Well, free movement of goods and services requires free movement of workforces. Of course it does not work with limitless migration as well – as we see that limitless migration is the precursor to the War All Against All and the complete destruction of social cohesion – and what migrates here is not a workforce at all but an army of thugs.

Merkel’s CDU currently – in the election campaign – claims that they are patriotic and that they have reversed their stance on mass immigration. This is a brazen lie though; this year 250,000 mostly Black “refugees” (of course nearly all young males looking for free money) will be imported via the mediterranean from Libya, and they filter into Germany all the time; we had 75,000 asylum applications in the first 5 months so we’ll make it to the quarter million.

And why don’t I mention more of the ensuing violence, like the occasional riot in the Ruhr area – recently for instance 250 Muslims rioted in Mönchengladbach when police wanted to ticket a guy for parking illegally – well simple.

I feel we are in pretty early stages here in Germany. Paris and London are way more dangerous, but even worse, Chicago, Philly or Baltimore. So I feel silly mentioning this stabbing or that rape. Which do happen, and which are kept out of national news, EXACTLY like in USA; it is the way of the Globalist to do so – and what we see as the Globalist needs to lie more and more is the collapse of Globalism as an ideological force.

It is bankrupt and the Globalists themselves are dying, like David Rockefeller, they are now senile, impotent and on their way to the next life like the old USSR Bolshevists were in 1989.

And here’s Colin Flaherty with new happenings from USA. I take this as a description of what will continue to happen in Europe as we are approaching the abbyss, the preparations are the same, the war is the same. For the moment, be aware what goes on around you, what people you are surrounded by, where you can get help, avoid migrant quarters at night, avoid walking through cities on weekend nights. As the migrants have been distributed everywhere it can happen everywhere. Like section 8 housing in the USA – where Hussein Obama moved minorities into every place where whites live. Globalists want the same conditions everywhere; they want to get you used to being surrounded by Blacks and Arabs in your country. It’s not like they necessarily want stabbings everywhere; no, they just want you to be surrounded by Blacks and Arabs at all times so that you think that that’s normal. Problem is, they get stabbings everywhere and this way they destroy support for their own Globalist movement. Notice the identical actions of Hussein Obama’s Democrats and Merkel’s CDU.

So the Globalists use Skinner’s operant conditioning to brainwash populations but it doesn’t work – Skinner’s bullshit has never worked on humans (Skinner of course is just a rehash of Pavlov who was a rehash of Wilhelm Wundt)- and we are preparing for the reality that the Globalists create  – and for the wholesale collapse of the movement of senile madmen Globalism. Merkel will win another term but I doubt she’s mentally functioning.

So, Colin Flaherty:

Oh and I use the google news frontpage of USA and Germany for my quick daily propaganda check, they have it redesigned now and they feature the second tier liars prominently: they have a section with “FACT CHECKERS”, in other words, George Soros and his SNOPES and other tentacles to spew his lies. Google hopes that if you stopped believing CNN you might still believe SNOPES.

So what we see is circling the wagons as the cataclysm approaches.

Every day Vox Day’s Infogalactic News becomes more useful. They do a good selection.


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