The Deadkin

So we know the Otherkin, which is a step up from the Furry. Instead of sweating in a blue fake fur costume and constantly falling over their feet, they pretend to be an animal trapped in a human body, which saves money for all that fake fur yet at the same time is a more intense form of madness.

Mr. Metokur about the Otherkin on Tumbler.

So I thought, hey if there’s deerkin, demonkin and raindropkin, there should also be a deadkin, meaning a person who identifies as dead inside, i.e. not living; as in dead material. A deadkin would be a super group of raindropkins and other objectkins.

So of course I looked whether the crazy people have already concocted that term. And I’m really disappointed. Yes they have, but they botched the “DEAD” part completely.

Definition of deadkin:

The Deadkin are the souls of the damned and wicked trapped in the place known only as Deadside.

What, they mean they are journalists? Remember wicked means liar.

Really disappointing. I was thinking about the atheist as a soulless biomechanical machine. That’s what deadkin should be.

MERKEL just allowed the crazies in the Bundestag to push through homosexual marriage. Great victory for the LGBTTQQIAAP+ community ; but, when will they finally add Furries, Otherkins and secular atheists to the list of oppressed minorities in their letter salad? They need marriage and bathrooms as well! Especially the wolfkin. Those really need special bathrooms. Something like a stripper pole.

Also, yes, LGBTTQQIAAP+ is the real temporary acronym until they add the next victim group.




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