Poor Jinx MERKEL Never Gets It Right

You know, she’s a conservative forreals; and she didn’t WANT to open all borders for millions of Arabs but there they were, what could SHE do.

And you know what, she’s a CHRISTIAN, she never wanted homosexual marriage, but what can you do, the moment she says, hey, let the Bundestag vote on it, a majority votes for it, she voted against it and she lost, what a pity! (This happened in JUN 2017)

Another example. MERKEL is of course not a friend of planned economy, subsidies or anything communist like that. But, she inherited the subsidy scheme for solar and wind and what could SHE do, it just grew and grew by 15% a year to a whopping 35 billion EUR a year now that are forcibly extracted via inflated energy prices and sent to the solar and wind owners. Sure, a Maoist, Green planned economy, a communist scheme, but what can MERKEL do about it.

You know, MERKEL dindunuffin when this country turns into the shithole that it is now.

Oh and the Internet censorship (also pushed through JUN 2017)? Hey it’s not MERKEL’s fault when everyone spews HATE on the Internet.

So that’s what you get when you vote “CONSERVATIVE”.

LIVE WITH IT. Or die with it, for those that are not fast enough jumping when the next Truck Of Peace mows you down. Dirty secret: It’s always the GUTMENSCHEN who die.

What’s the difference between an SPD Marxist and a CDU “conservative”? Not the outcome. But. the CDU member at least DENIES that he WANTED it. That’s gotta count for something, right?



One thought on “Poor Jinx MERKEL Never Gets It Right”

  1. Heh.

    There is an Americanism, though I doubt that it is original, “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride”, which means results count, not intentions. Evil is as evil does, so just because you didn’t see how it would result in evil does not absolve you.


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