Hamburgers Punch Nazis

Another video that shows the IQ of the normal Hamburger as slightly below room temperature. You call someone a Nazi and immediately every Hamburger says, oh yeah, that’s a Nazi, I’ll punch him because obviously he must be a Nazi. An American Nazi because obviously he speaks English with an American accent.

I found Hamburgers to be gullible brainwashed bastards when I was there and I see that things haven’t changed a bit.

Aren’t they brave?

What a shithole.

Will any of them face persecution? Nope. The German government parties SPD and CDU hand over 100 million EUR a year to all kinds of leftist extremists for the “KAMPF GEGEN RECHTS” meaning for the complete eradication of every non-leftist thought – and/or person – in Germany. I’m not even kidding.

These organisations for instance constantly attack AfD personnel who promote their party in German inner cities. It’s physically risky to be a recognizable non-Leftist in Germany today.

Personally I *NEVER* wear any kind of symbol that lets anyone guess my opinion. I wouldn’t last long.

BTW the “journalist” snitch mentioned in the video who issued the initial tweet that led to the manhunt by the leftist bastards … It’s common tactic by German leftist extremists to get themselves a press ID card and run around with a camera. They do what this snitch did, and they also try to sneak in to AfD congregations and one of the things they do is, once they are recognized and forcibly removed, they let themselves fall to the floor and scream they’ve been attacked. The normal countermeasure is, once you see these camera-wielding guys, always start filming yourself so you have your own recording of what happened.

So this is not a normal lowlife MSM journalist. I checked , there’s no trace of his name in German MSM newspapers ever. He’s an Antifa thug who pretends to be a journalist.

I will not link to his twitter account or to his blog because the Antifa thugs will scan for such. There’s a whole lot of activity going on there. He did a great job exposing his side, I don’t have to engage: Ppl from USA, Canada, NZ and so on are flooding him already – and show German Antifa in all its thuggishness for the world to see on youtube, which is great.


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