Hamburg G20 AntiFa War: When You’re Nice To The Terrorists They Don’t Kill You!

Reports are appearing in German MSM that Hamburg residents are flabbergasted by the destruction wreaked by AntiFa; especially the complete destruction of a drugstore 100m from the local AntiFa Headquarters Rote Flora. The Rote Flora is an old factory building illegaly occupied by AntiFa for 30 years or so, and as German city governments especially SPD are wont to do they bought the run down lot from the owner and let AntiFa squat there for free.

And the local AntiFa members are doing their own shopping in the local stores that have now been destroyed by visiting AntiFa. Well as a drugstore is clearly capitalist I say, you go girls; destroying a drugstore means destroying capitalism!

BUT of course the HUDNA or ceasefire between the LOCAL Antifa and the residents has now proven to be worthless.

It’s like you’re a Jewish tribe in Lebanon, you pay tribute to the local Muslim drug gangs – as the residents have payed tribute in the form of taxes to the local AntiFa to finance their headquarters – you think they’re your friends, and then Hesbollah comes along and murders every one of you.

German source, photos of destroyed drugstore

To me this is just the normal evolution of Leftism to higher and higher purity; culminating in full-blown KomIntern-style Red Terror. To the Hamburg residents, it’s a whole new degree of cognitive dissonance.

But you know what? I’ve been there. I know them. They’re willing to put up with ANYTHING. They indeed constantly say “Hamburg is the most beautiful city of the world.”

Well. Talk about weapons-grade delusion. It’s not like Hamburg is peaceful ANY day of the week. I’ve stopped visiting the city after a Specials concert 3 years back in one of the St. Pauli theatres. I’ve seldom seen a more dangerous atmosphere in the St.Pauli / Reeperbahn streets.

German city governments of course love to build up some central open space as a kind of promenade. In the case of Hamburg this is the Jungfernstieg. These central plazas are now dominated during all evenings by the imported Arabs who hope to find a German slut, by African drug peddlers and Gipsy pickpockets hoping to mug a tourist.

So don’t worry. The Hamburgers will continue to vote SPD into power because all of them want this.

Some residents say, “This is what civil war looks like”. Not exactly. Civil war is when the police is absent – and AntiFa comes into your home to rape your daughter before killing her in front of your eyes – because you are a Bourgeois. (in other words, a citizen)

And of course then proceeds to kill you.


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