3D Printing Gauntlets And Chainmail

This is an interesting device from Formlabs, the Fuse 1, that could even be used to produce small series of readymade products, and very unique products at that. It’s 10,000 USD SLS printer that uses Nylon powder; and SLS is a stereolitographic Laser application so you can make products with unconnected parts; like the chainmail or gauntlet shown in this video.

Personally I’m interested in Nylon as material as it is slightly flexible and very suited for making things to wear on your body; think headset or headphone or sunglasses for instance. Also, withstands a high temperature range.

Printers like these used to be in the 200k USD range and this is now one for 10k. Would be a nice device for a small company if it works as shown in the video. If you plan on starting one, consider that these are machines with moving parts; they will need service and/or repairs. So price that in.



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