Hamburg Perishes In ANTIFA War

G20 summit in Hamburg; about 10,000 leftist extremist and thousands of sympathizers; burning cars, waterthrowers, total gridlock, police chasing Black Bloc, allround fun. Got some videos, so let’s roll.

Hamburg always votes SPD social democrats into power. In my estimate it is a 30% Black and Muslim city. The Germans living there are pretty much all leftists.

You can compare it to New York or Baltimore. Population 2 million. The SPD government refuses to expand the city, so that living space is extremely sought after; technically you could build in all directions as it is entirely ordinary flat coastal country; one spot looking exactly like the other.

So it’s a kind of artificial pressure cooker for mass neurosis. The Black Bloc are mostly the rich kids of public sector workers. They study liberal arts and are in no hurry to find a job.

Cars are ALWAYS burning in Hamburg and Berlin, incinerated at night by those hooded kids. When I was working there for 2 years the Black Bloc distributed flyers in pubs with a list of car models that should be burned and cars that shouldn’t, to prevent bad blood from workers. My VW Polo was determined by them to not be burned.

Because, rich kids of government workers do not have the knowledge of what car costs what by themselves. Not a joke. These flyers did circulate. Burn a Mercedes, don’t burn a small commuter car.

Even though the Black Bloc kids are that stupid, and cowardly if alone, they are dangerous when forming gangs.

They are attention-seeking spiritually empty white kids. Migrants, if violently inclined, concentrate on profitable ventures: prostitution in St Pauli and St Georg, and drug trade. They have no time for useless battles with Police.

The violent left in Hamburg and other German cities has no debating skills or arguments to bring forward that make an inkling of sense – they are utterly boring in that regard and simply play violent revolution. American SJW’s are way funnier.

As the Black Bloc are the rich kids of government workers they generally get no or very lenient sentences. They will later probably become leading members of Bundestag Bloc parties to continue their madness in more effective ways. A prime example of that is Joseph “Joschka” Fischer who became top Green and later foreign minister, justifying the American bombing campaign on Serbia to liberate Kosovo for Islam and an American air base. Before running the Green party he was the leader of the Frankfurt PUTZTruppe, a Black Bloc group famous for its Molotov cocktail attacks on Police. PUTZTruppe was Maoist like all the other K-Gruppen, small communist parties of the 1970ies. The K-Gruppen members infiltrated the Greens and purged the non-leftists ca. 1980.

Why were they Maoist? Because due to Solschenizyns book “The Gulag Archipelago” Stalin was not suited anymore as a leading figure. Mao’s genocides were still lesser known so they used Mao as their idol.

Got the videos from here.

Update: Lauren Southern is in Hamburg. Tim Pool walked with here. Antifa photographed Lauren and identified her. For them she is a fascist. They put the photo on their website indymedia/linksunten where they doxx people. As Tim Pool was walking next to her they thought he was a fascist as well. Then they tracked, stalked and threatened the two. Now this is perfectly normal for German leftists: If you associate with a right winger, both of you become fascists in their book. Actually, ANYONE who is not a leftist is an enemy to them. They have no intellectual honesty, no interest in debate, they are entirely and completely authoritarian and dangerous if appearing in large enough numbers.

Update 2: Several journalists that were seen with Lauren were of course identified as enemies by AntiFa and they bet several of them up.

Of course, from a propaganda perspective, this is not the smartest move by Antifa. Let’s leave it at that.

One of the victims was this guy from WEARECHANGE who claims he is neither rightwing nor leftwing.

Now I have a serious issue with this WEARECHANGE person. He cries that he got  attacked by Antifa EVEN THOUGH HE IS NOT AN IDENTARIAN. Meaning, he’s perfectly fine with AntiFa violently attacking people as long as it’s ideologically ok.

He should think this through.




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