French IQ Drops 4 Points In One Decade

Catastrophic. France is finished.

As mentioned earlier, 40% of French babies are now tested for Sickle Cell Anaemia. The French state FORBIDS statistics about ethnicity but this medical statistic tells us that 40% of newborns are now Black in France. Plus, as Vox mentions, intelligent women in the West don’t get kids.

So the import of low IQ populations plus white dysgenics combines into a catastrophic decline in IQ. We will see horrendous destruction as the “French” become incapable of maintaining their infrastructure.

As this decline in IQ and therefore in wealth happens the white Marxists will demand that the rich intelligent whites give up ever more of their income to “help” the imported low IQ peoples.

We will of course necessarily have to wipe out the Marxist political movements. MERKEL is in my opinion one of them. She transformed the erstwhile conservative party CDU gradually into a normal culturally marxist party, most visible through her mass immigration policies. It is moot to speculate who gives her her orders. Treason is treason, motives are a topic for the trial.

Communist regimes used to kill the intelligent a.k.a. the Bourgeousie – a French word for citizenry – since the French revolution. In the 20th century they tried to murder anyone who could read. In USSR and Cambodia and China that was up to 30% of the population, often slaughtered in wave after wave after wave of genocide. The idea is obviously that the New Human – a cattle-like creature stupid enough to work for free for the communist rulers – can only be created from stupid people.

MERKEL tries to create the conditions for that not by murdering the intelligent directly but by flooding their country with imported low IQ populations. Like all communists in the past she tries to create the breeding ground for the New Human. At least that’s how I see her plans now.

An interesting side effect is that we will see the collapse of property values in the battlegrounds, maybe while at the same time building gleaming fortress-like highrises smack bang in the middle of them, like in gentrified Baltimore – luxury apartment buildings that you can’t leave, prisons for rich suckers in the middle of a race war.

Oh and ANOTHER reason why French IQ dropped so fast, that Vox didn’t mention. Engineers find no jobs in France as the state is already mostly communist and de-industrialized: 56% of all jobs are at the gigantic French CENTRAL government ALONE. So engineers migrate to Germany by the thousands. And smart Ashkenazi Jews flee Muslim aggression, migrating to Israel, or some to Germany as well, following the jobs. We acquire 2000 Jews per year in Germany currently. As Muslims become more violent here, I expect this Jewish immigration to level off and reverse. Why would they become more violent? They always do as their number increases, all throughout history. It would be the first time ever this wouldn’t happen, and history of Islamic immigration in Germany since 1960 shows that it happens perfectly normally here as well.

So what did the import of 2 million Muslims since 2015 by MERKEL do to average German IQ? We don’t know the numerical effect but what we imported is probably around IQ 85 on a good day. Germans used to be at 105.

Let’s just say they don’t compete for MY job.


6 thoughts on “French IQ Drops 4 Points In One Decade”

  1. Dirk, I’m not sure what you mean by Black here. FYI, there are some 4 or 5 major sickling hemoglobins. Hemoglobin S is rather well known, given its distribution from sub-Saharan slave trading (not just to the Western Hemisphere, by the way). Hemoglobin C is another one, which is rather nasty when mixed with Hemoglobin S. Not African sickling hemoglobins include Hemoglobin E and another one that escapes my memory at the moment. Hemoglobin E is rather common in Southwest Asia, for instance. The other one is rather common to Southeast/East Asia, I think.

    Sickling hemoglobins are common because malaria is common, though the Falciparum variety is generally considered the most virulent, there are several other varieties. Insect borne infectious diseases exist where there are enough mosquitoes and that’s not just the tropics. Ask the Russians now native to Siberia and ask the peoples now native to Alaska about that.


    1. Well the French have plenty of West Africans because they saw their colonies as part of their nation. Similar to UK they therefore have many people who migrated from there. They still have a few African islands counting as arrondissements of France.
      So this is all about black Africans, or subsaharan Africans.


      1. These migrants always counted as French. And unlike Germany the French had since the French revolution the idea that anyone born on French soil including the colonies is a French citizen. German citizenship is to this day principally based on heritage even though it has been weakened by the SPD government of Schroeder from 1999 on to become compatible with Fabian NWO world socialism a.k.a Globalism.


  2. Dirk, IQ is a great question, in and of itself. Are people of low IQ able to breed people of higher IQ? The answer is yes. However, it isn’t the norm, at least the last time I checked. It is the nature vs nurture question. My feeling is that low IQ people will breed low IQ people in part by genetics and in part by the conditions in which the people were born in. But, I also believe that time starts ticking as soon as you are born in so much as one’s capacity to learn. The worse environment to learn, the less capacity one will have as one ages. (And consider the converse) I believe this is in a slow exponential curve. That said, when you allow low IQ people not only to breed, but, also create an environment which is destructive towards learning and inquisition, …… well, that’s a recipe for disaster.


    1. a) Throughout history, low IQ worker populations have produced occasional geniuses. IQ influencing genes are found on the X chromosome. A woman averages them out: In each of her cells, one of them is randomly selected. That is why only very few women express genius level intelligence. (1% of them) Most women who have a high IQ gene inherit it, but do not express it themselves for that matter.
      So, just like two black haired people can have a blond child – when both of them carry one recessive blonde gene – an average IQ woman can give birth to a genius.
      b) Our genome deteriorates with 100 negative mutations per parent per generation. It is a MIRACLE that humans are still capable of any amount of intelligent thought (some, at least). I mean miracle literally here. We are kept functioning by the constant or occasional interference of God. At least that’s what the available evidence leaves as the current only explanation.
      THerefore, yes , high IQ people will occur in unexpected places.


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