EU: Ignorance Gets You Murdered Or Crippled

Amazing. In SADIQ KHAN’s Londonistan, two Muslim cousins get their faces mutilated by an acid attack. Victim afterwards says:

““I’m devastated. I keep wondering if my life will ever be the same,” she tweeted. “Acid attacks in the UK are unheard of for me.”


Where has she been? There have been 1800 acid attacks in Londonistan over the last 8 years.

It really helps to know where you are. If you go to a European inner city, you are in a Low Intensity Conflict warzone – caused by the reckless import of Middle Eastern terrorists by the Globalist Eurocrat governments.

Maybe she was reading the MSM and considered herself informed. Of course, the MSM glosses over the Jihad with heaps of bullshit about Hollywood actors or funny-looking cats so that you only notice the war is at your doorsteps when you dig just a tiny bit deeper.

Or trust your own eyes. Heck, every main railway station in Europe looks like Mogadishu on a bad day. It’s not impossible to notice this.


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