Sissification Of West Caused By Paracetamol

Taking Paracetamol against headaches during pregnancy leads to reduced Testosterone levels in male fetuses, causing boys to become less masculine, more androgynous/feminine, scientists of University Of Copenhagen find out, or at least, that’s how their mice developed. German article

So if you want your boy to become the next Karl Lagerfeld instead of the next, I don’t know, Chuck Norris, take some Paracetamol.

In any case, given the widespread use of Paracetamol, this could explain the rampant spread of homosexuality. Yes I know, people say that’s only the media, real number is 3 %, but I don’t think so. Should be re-analyzed depending on age. I wouldn’t be sursprised to see a doubling per generation.

Now understand this: I don’t mind. Just don’t be a homsexual activist pest. Or any kind of activist pest demanding I build you a bathroom. Shove your demands where the sun don’t shine and we’ll be getting along just fine. Got that? No Extra Rights For You.

And yes, marriage as recognized by the state is a provision to promote the creation of the next generation so gay couples do not deserve it. If you wanna play wedding in a mock church who gives a damn. But no tax breaks. You’re gonna fuck around after your “marriage” anyway and don’t think anyone’s stupid enough to believe otherwise.

If we can afford one thing it’s losing a few million men to the gay sex carousel; men are expendable. Just ask Genghis Khan. It’s the number of wombs that determines the number of kids, not the number of penises.

As to the spread of Lesbianism, that’s mostly LUG, Lesbian until Graduation. And they don’t actually have sex because Dildos get old fast. Except for the luxury models but what do kids know.


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