Methadone Improves Lifespan Of Cancer Patients

Opioid Methadone, often used as Heroin replacement therapy, weakens tumor cell’s resistance against chemotherapy and radiation and sometimes outright kills them on its own. German chemist Dr. Claudia Friesen discovered this accidentally in 2007 while trying to explore opioid chemistry, using cancer cells as test candidates.

German article; English article. Methadone was used in a trial on 80 patients with terminal cancer and ALL OF THEM lived longer than expected, some still alive. Note that the trial only used terminal cancer patients. It would likely be beneficial for less severe cases as well. Though, don’t ask me about addiction potential and side effects of Methadone though. I would think that side effects are irrelevant – clean opioids are generally not a direct health issue; junkies die through accidental overdose and malnutrition because they spend all their money on drugs instead of healthy food. They don’t die from the substance itself.



3 thoughts on “Methadone Improves Lifespan Of Cancer Patients”

  1. It is often said that eastern ancient people healed themselves on opioid drugs and herbs but the western medicine took over the world with its technical and scientific evolution and had forbidden opioid and other drugs coming mainly from the east, for an economical and political hegemony. So your article is saying that drugs are not as lethal if taken in certain situations and with certain doses. Although methadone is a complex fabricated highly dangerous drug!


    1. Opioids never were lethal or poisonous if not overdosed. After all, poppies have been used in baking since forever, and not only opioid-poor species. Today of course Schlafmohn, “sleeping poppies”, is not allowed in Germany but it was widespread in the 19th century as a tranquilizer before Heroin and other drugs came along. The abolition of Marihuana and Schlafmohn was to ensure the profits of the German chemical industry – which was unrivaled world leader til 1945.

      I think of the Weimar republic – 1919 to 1933 – as the drug makers of the world. Heroin and Cocaine were developed by German companies. Official legend is that Germany was leading the dye industry in that time. Heroin and Cocaine exports are not mentioned. But that might be a falsified history. At least Berlin was most definitely a very druggy place. See the musical “Cabaret”. There were celebrated prostitutes / dancers who were ALWAYS high on Cocaine – til their untimely deaths. in berlin of course, there were also maybe a 100,000 Jews in that society, as usual given to all kinds of decadence.

      Hitler found that that needed some cleaning up as well.


  2. Heroin is acetylmorphine and being more water soluble, was far easier to get precise absorbed doses orally. Of course, that made shooting it up in unknown concentrations risky.

    Remember that the plants, bacteria and fungi that make these things do it to enhance their own survival. If the predator is ‘too stupid’ and gets poisoned, oh well, that’s life.


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