The Left Wages War On Freedom

Canada: You can now go to jail for not using the pronouns another person wants used when talking to her/him/vey/it. Trudeau calls jailing people for using wrong words “#LoveIsLove”.

Germany: The SPD-CDU coalition government threatens anyone who utters prohibited words -that they call hate speech- on the Internet with 5 years of jail. MAAS, the justice minister, says “we need to protect our free society [from WORDS that someone says]”. Well it’s not a free society when you jail people for words.

They won’t tell you what is prohibited. For comparison: A man just got 7 years of jail (German source, Cologne) for murdering a homeless person. Media does not report for WHAT a person gets convicted if he gets convicted (obviously, repeating his words would send the journalist to jail as well) so we have NO IDEA what we may or may not say.

I guess it is still legal to say that the MERKEL government is treasonous and needs to be locked up. Before anyone says that this -the MERKEL government- is not the Left that wages this war on freedom: The justice minister behind the “hatespeech crackdown” linked to above is MAAS of the Marxist SPD. And: MERKEL herself follows completely leftist policies. She enacted a minimum wage; her border opening, flooding the country with 2 million Arabs and Africans, is textbook leftist internationalism; her intent of subjugating Germany under the wim of the unelected EU commission is antinationalist, internationalist standard Leftism; in all other regards she follows Maoist Green policies. She grew up in the communist DDR and was member of the SED youth organisation FDJ. She is for all intents and purposes a communist U boat.

The Left wages war on freedom and it is nothing new: They did the exact same thing after the October Revolution, they did the exact same thing after the French revolution during the Reign Of Terror.

The Left are the freedom haters.

Also, they defend their arbitrary jailing campaigns as “loving you” and “defending freedom”: The Left Always Lies.


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