Leftist Army Busy Rewriting The Present

Millions of leftists, whether in the media or in the schools, work feverishly to shape your perception of reality into a vision of bizarroworld, where Trump is a bumbling idiot and Clinton is a genius. Leftist worker drones are busy photoshopping student yearbooks, erasing Trump and MAGA slogans from students’ clothing, and administrators apologize when a student manages to sneak in a Trump quote and recall the yearbooks for “inappropriate content”.

We know this behaviour of Leftists from Stalin’s erasure of people he had executed from the history of the USSR. See Yezhov.

Of course Leftists do not erase all traces of Trump. Remember how they hollered for weeks about COVFEFE, a TYPO made by Trump when he meant to write COVERAGE. In future history books leftist professors will write entire chapters about this typo  and how it proves that Trump is stupid.

Next time you pick up a history book about the French Revolution written by a Leftist history professor remember that they always lie when they write about their own mass murderers or the people they got murdered. Example, the “Let them eat cake” quote attributed to Marie Antoinette, to demonize her and justify her brutal murder. That quote was never factual; it probably goes back to a six year old aristocrat daughter who said something like “why don’t they eat Brioche” (a raisin bread) when she saw starving poor people; a rather empathic statement coming from a child.

That’s how the Left operates, they always and tirelessly find ways to distort the truth; no wonder, they need all the cover they can get to hide their atrocious murders. Think about the killing of the daughters of Czar Nikolaus for instance. They needed to wipe out the entire family tree to avoid having a heir with a legitimate claim to the crown ever appear.

Remember how they worshipped Mandela and Arafat, two mass murderers? Both got a Nobel peace price (so now you know how much that is worth, even before Obama and the EU got theirs). I guess the boss of ISIS will get his next.




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