Wage Gap Leaves Women Without Men And Child

College educated women out-earn their male counterparts by 8 cents on the Dollar; leaving them with too few males to marry up to; resulting in these women staying partnerless and childless to the end of their fertile years.

I guess the proper course of action for modern feminists is complain and demand the enforcement of special rights for disadvantaged women.Where the disadvantage here is not their huge wages but the inavailability of even higher earning men. Make a law to fix that.

Alternatively these women could just marry down or quit their jobs to find a partner and found a family and become a housewife but that would violate the dogmas of feminism. So I guess old and lonely it is. Until they can have the government fix it for them. Good Luck.

Oh BTW, it’s great that the women now pay the higher income tax percentages. They profit to a larger degree from the welfare state so they should finance the bulk of it.



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