The Full Evergreen Roundup

Let’s start with the debate between a bunch of visiting Christians and academically educated atheists at Evergreen College.

We continue with the “spiritual” side of Evergreen college.

Meditating? You mean you gotta sit still after taking your Marihuana? Isn’t that boring?

We continue after the break.

The admission process is optimized for selecting “sweet personalities”.

Whitey is so revered at Evergreen that you get two Snowflake escorts to the bathroom.

Bret Weinstein, who showed his bravery by refusing to leave when the Blacks kicked out all Whites from campus, is pissed that they wouldn’t let him stay even though he did so much for their cause. How ungrateful. Well, what did you expect, after all he works there so of course he’s a lunatic as well.

Wait, there’s more.

The students actually formed an LGBTQIA+ superhero team armed with baseball bats, photographed themselves, put the photo on a web page, and describe the superpowers of each LGBTQIA+ superhero. Because, poor LGBTQIA+ students get bullied. That’s why they have to have their baseball bats. Police subsequently shut the college down.

Afterwards it reopened with heavy police presence. That’s when the religious debate happened.

This story wouldn’t be complete without the Evergreen State College president expressing his satisfaction with his hostage takers actually letting him pee.




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