Are Globalists Anti-White Eugenicists?


  • When there were 5 billion people on the planet, the Globalists told everyone in the West to have less kids lest the planet be destroyed.
  • Now that there are 7 billion people on the planet, the Globalists say “Refugees Welcome” and lift up the standard of living of every new arrival to Western standards by redistributing a.k.a. stealing some income from Westerners.

The Globalists – especially their most obnoxious faction, the Greens – have no problem with pushing both of these contradictory arguments at the same time even today: Addressing whites with “reduce your consumption, give up your wealth, have less kids” and the imported brown peoples with “Don’t worry, be happy, keep your culture, we love your presence with your picturesque oriental habits and your vital huge families, oh, and here, have some money for your immediate consumption”.

Important globalist literary works:

  • Coudenhouve-Kalergi, Praktischer Idealismus, 1925, demanding a future European race of uniform brown skin, so much for diversity, an “eurasian-negroid mixed race”. Kalergi was quick to assure that you could still be diverse on the inside, but, as conservative speakers in Berkely recently found out, that is not so either. Conclusion: Be brown outside and pro-LGBTQIA+-feminist-communist-islamic inside. Anything else is considered a hate crime. There is ONE set of allowed ideas. The Globalist ideas.
  • Ecoscience -1975 or so – by Stanford professor Paul Ehrlich and John  Holdren, scientific advisor of Barack Hussein Obama, suggesting state-mandated infertility campaigns by mixing contraceptives into the water supply. We can assume that Ehrlich and Holdren planned to have the Globalist elite cunningly drink bottled water while the proles are extinguished. Which also means, this plan can only work if done in secret.
  • Population Bomb by Paul Ehrlich ca. 1968 , all kinds of end of the world predictions that all failed to happen. Ehrlich to this day maintains he was right, of course the Globalist media grovels at his feet and never actually checks his predictions. One of them was that the oceans would be dead by now and releasing poison gas that wipes out humanity. Because, rotting fish I guess. Ehrlich is a professor of biology and obviously a complete fraud given to fantastic exaggerations. The Left LOVES him. Sort of a disaster porn con-man.
  • Limits To Growth , 1968, commissioned by the oligarchic Club Of Rome and executed by some fraudulent scientists who ran idiotic “computer simulations”. The idea was, take the known reserves of say mercury, subtract yearly consumption, and well somewhere you hit zero. Run a few other equations in parallel like exponential growth of population and put it all in a book. A ridiculously amateurish effort that was held up for a decade by all Maoists in the West as their new bible. These people just aren’t into STEM and you can make them propagate the most fraudulent bullshit. The reason that this simulation was fraudulent is that the known reserves of a mineral resource is determined by the known resources, which grow through exploration over time, AND the MARKET PRICE which determines what is an economically extractable reserve. As a resource gets more scarce, the market price goes up, allowing more expensive extraction techniques, increasing the extractable tonnage. AND, the high price drives substitution efforts, example: mercury in thermometers gets replaced by alcohol; copper in wires gets replaced by glass fibre; gasoline in cars gets replaced by electricity/batteries. The latter is not economic at the moment – but maybe saying cars get replaced by public transportation – like electric metro rail systems – is most definitely happening in megacities – driven not only by fuel costs but other costs – mostly the cost of space in a city: parking space; which can be prohibitively expensive. Now, and none of these price dynamics got considered by the “scientists” who ran the Club Of Rome simulation! Even though the Club Of Rome oligarchs surely could buy the best scientists if they wanted to. Conclusion: They bought the best LIARS they could find – as scientific merit is non-existent in the bullshit produced.

Why do Globalists want Whites to be wiped out? Well they don’t want their own children to be wiped out; example: one of the Weizsäcker brothers in Germany is a Club Of Rome top honcho, he constantly demands less children from the Germans – he has four children himself. He is completly consistent in demanding the extinction of poor Germans while he produces elite children.

They probably simply want to wipe out potential competition. Remember ur-globalist Rockefeller – the original one, not the one who just died on Mar 20th, 2017 – who said “Competition Is A Sin”.

They want you gone – if you’re white . They are an elite who actively hates and fights their own people.





2 thoughts on “Are Globalists Anti-White Eugenicists?”

  1. Highly doubtful gasoline will be replaced by fixed sized chemical batteries. In fact, for the first few decades of automobiles, both ICEs and fixed sized electrochemical batteries were common (even small steam plants!). This planet is awash in hydrocarbons and you can rather easily make hydrocarbons from other stuff, for the energetics are favorable at typical temperatures and pressures. The process you describe is exactly why gasoline replaced batteries and steam, more or less, in the first place. What will be more interesting is whether hydrocarbon fueled ICEs get replaced by hydrocarbon fueled counter current flow electrochemical fuel cells. No, people, hydrogen’s energetics are much less favorable and hydrogen is a pain to work with, for it diffuses into metals and damages alloys.


  2. Heh, yeah Dirk, you have them nailed. These people were, at first, anti-everyone else eugenicists, for they feared competition from ‘undesirables’. I’d say they are anti-other eugenicists, for they want to eliminate every other tribe, but theirs, thinking they’d still have what they have now. They can’t see that they won’t and can’t have it, in the end.


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