Comics: Frank Miller: Father Of The Alt Right

youtuber “Comics & Diversity” mentioned Frank Miller. He’s 60 years old now and he invented the modern “dark” Batman in his 1987 epos The Dark Knight Rises which got turned into successful movies in the 2000’s, turning comical Crime Fighter Batman from the 1960ies (which I love, esp. the TV series with Adam West and Julie Newmar as Catwoman) into a “realistic” desperate hero for grown ups.

Andrew Breitbart correctly said, politics is downstream from culture. Without wanting to, Frank Miller, impressed by the exploding crime in NYC in the 1970ies/1980ies, created a reactionary epos, also including “Sin City” and “300”, involuntarily paving the way for a resurgence of, well, a political reaction – which is the Alt Right.

And as he was smart enough to retain the copyright, he became stinking rich in the process. Also, he seems to be dying. He’s very sickly.

This wired article recounts his biography.

“Diversity & Comics” decodes Miller’s last serious Dark Knight book and relates it to Miller’s own experiences.

Other cultural influences that created the reaction could be Clint Eastwood and the action movie heroes of the 1980ies, Mel Gibson, Arnold Schwarzenegger (of course, not his liberal political real life persona but the movie characters), Stallone (esp. Demolition Man, even though it was badly executed).

Re Demolition Man, it had prescient diagnosis of today’s political correctness / Cuck Culture with its automatic submission under any aggressor:



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