Trudeau’s Canada Allows Veiled Muslim Women Gun License Without Photo

Everybody else needs to provide a photo. Excemption for religious reasons. So we have special rights for the imported Muslims. Or in other words. Globalism is not universalist. It grants special privilege to certain preferred classes.

and the preferred classes are in each and every instances the favorites of the Left, whether Muslims, Homos, Pedos, Junkies, MS13 members, criminals, illegal immigrants,…

I equate Leftism with Globalism here. For those who don’t know, the Fabian socialist H G Wells wrote several books about the Fabian world socialism vision – which is identical to Trotzkism – : Men Like God, Shape Of Things To Come. NWO Globalism is completely and entirely socialist in nature. The rule of monopoly oligarchs is consistent with that. Remember the words of Rockefeller, “Competition Is A Sin”. They want to rule, that’s all.

And, Trotzky (a.k.a. Lev Tzvi Bronstein) was financed by the International Bankers Kuhn-Loeb and Schiff (as Anthony Sutton found out in the archives of the Hoover institute). Again, no contradiction between the interests of egalitarian revolutionaries and oligarchs.

The USSR was one attempt by the NWO Globalists to create their vision, the EU is another. The League Of Nations was one, the UN is another.

As to literary visions of that we could also go back to Thomas Morus’ “Utopia” of course, or forward to the money-less future vision in Star Trek. Or even to Plato’s Republic, which details a communist class society. Plato was impressed by the Spartan class system / slave society.

The favoritism towards the “victim groups” always serves to bring down the existing free market society. This special privilegue for veiled Muslim women is just an example for that. The Left already does this instinctively.

Another thing about H G Wells. He wrote a novel of a scientist and his apprentice going to the moon where they encounter intelligent insects. The apprentice makes it back home but the scientist vanishes, kidnapped by the insects, and the apprentice receives radio transmissions of how the scientist gets transported into the core of the moon where he meets the queen of the insect society at which point the transmission stops.

As a kid I found this story amazing and disturbing. Little did I know that this hive mind society of slaves basically epitomizes the NWO vision that the Fabians followed. Today I understand that that is exactly what H G Wells would favor as the future of humanity. These people hate freedom. World peace can only be accomplished by enslaving everyone. Which is of course perpetual eternal war against every individual.

Just like the abolishment of borders means that you have to have walls around every house instead.  As arch-globalist oligarch Zuckerberg can attest. He wants free movement of people from all other countries but insists on having his personal wall.


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