“Transwoman” Mass-Murders Coworkers

Talking about the Tunkhannock, PA Weis supermarket mass shooting.

I don’t normally agree with Vee. He’s a proud scientist who believes that warmunist scientists are not complete frauds. But he’s spot on here.

We can call the “female horse trapped in a man’s body” madness just that, a progressive brainwashing into utter madness, or we can say, it’s LIBERATION: total liberation from MORALITY.

The shooter Randy Stair was a “transwoman” trapped in a man’s body who hated all men, quotes Sargon, from 12:00 on here:

His idea that he is in a fact a woman was brought out in him by this cartoon character. It is actually animated WORSE than his own cartoon designs!!!

Randy Stair claimed he had a soul so we can’t blame materialism in this case. It looks though as he never got the idea that it might be smart to channel his energies into something positive. Knowing that you have a soul does not prevent you from doing evil. That’s actually what Christianity is all about.

Maybe turning to horribly drawn cartoons for spiritual guidance is a stupid idea.

P.S.: Just like me above, media outlets MISGENDERED the mass murderer, calling him a man (because obviously that’s what he was). LGBTQIA+ activists are FURIOUS, reports MILO.

They’re oblivious to mass murder. But they are really TRIGGERED when you call a mass-murdering “woman in a man’s body” a man. Man, we might have the next one coming in no time at all. Are they in a kind of kindness competition with the Ramadan Muslims, or in a kind of common sense competition?

We have too many crazy, stupid people. And it will get worse as devolution progresses.

“Nobody is gendering her correctly, like her identity doesn’t even matter just because she did something awful and had psychological issues. Not even Chelsea Manning got treated this bad by the media. She doesn’t deserve this,” the user continued.

Well oh yeah a mass murderer who killed himself got treated badly posthumously, I’m so sorry. Also, I need to point out, the retconning of the past by calling the Manning person or the Jenner person “women” in their biographies as if they hadn’t ever been men is simply lying about the past. Reading about Jenner that “she” won an Olympic Gold medal in a men’s discipline when nobody including reality TV person Jenner himself could know he would later go on to sell himself as a woman to a TV audience is simply ahistorical fantasy.



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