Canadian Total State Will Snatch And Probably Mutilate Children

The parasitic cultural Marxists a.k.a. SJW’s that infiltrate Western governments have, in Trudeau’s Total State, managed to push through Bill 89 which empowers the Total State to steal your child if you disagree with his idea of what gender he is of.

Once in the claws of the Cultural Marxists, it’s a small step to sex change mutilation of a minor. The cultural Marxists won’t care. They need fodder for their social experimentation.

Of course, the majority of Canadian voters wanted it exactly this way.

Looks like this happens in Ontario only, but that’s half of the two cities of Canada. (which are Toronto and Vancouver)

I won’t pretend that the German government is any better, or that German voters are any less deluded. Don’t take this as an insult to the Canadians. We vote the same kind of parasites into power. It’s just that here they are currently too busy with other catastrophic projects to concentrate TOO MUCH on snatching our children – for the moment. They coordinate internationally and after they have managed to gain dictatorial powers in one area in one state in the West, they quickly “harmonize” the situation by repeating in a different country.

Why do the Cultural Marxists want sex cripples? Well simple. Destroying the family is a key objective of the strategy of Cultural Marxism as defined by Adorno, Horkheimer, Marcuse of the Frankfurt School. The Family is the backbone of Western society and must be destroyed in order to create the slave society of Marxism.

BTW Plato already knew that in The Republic, Marx simply stole it, like Freud stole everything from Plato.

Always assume they’re evil in EVERY regard. That way you won’t be surprised by their next action.

Oh and why do I assume they’ll mutilate the children after “saving” them from their parents?

Google John Money. He’s the pioneer in the field. He founded it.

That’s what they want.

Oh. Mundane Matt who his himself not a friend of organized religion points out that the Canadian bill also serves to take away the right of parents to have their kid being religiously educated. In all regards, the bill of course necessarily violates the ten commandments as they demand that the child obey his parents.

So it’s a very clear Marxist attack on the family. Sorry Canadians, sorry Leftists: This has nothing to do with liberalism and everything with Marxism and only people who know nothing about history (i.e. those of the state school educated who never read or thought for themselves)  will not recognize it as such.

This Ermaechtigungsgesetz of the Total Marxist State WILL absolutely be used to steal and possibly, with the help of Marxist psychologists, sexually mutilate the children of political dissidents.

If you think this is far fetched and crazy you don’t know what happened in the USSR. Again. READ HISTORY. The ABUSE is the INTENT.

For those who think I am slandering Marx too much, I’ll add this: Marx never worked because he was too stupid and lazy. He and his wife owned only one pair of trousers so his wife and he could not leave the house at the same time. He was a complete arsehole who lived at the expense of local shop owners who let him have credit. And on Engels’ dime, the other complete moron. See Molyneux on youtube, The Truth About Karl Marx.




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