Red Ice TV: Gilad Atzmon

Swedish Red Ice is known for unashamed whiteness. So what happens when they interview Gilad Atzmon, a Jewish musician and writer living in Italy?

1 hr video. Spoiler: They don’t go at each other’s throat.

I disagree with Mr. Atzmon in one regard. He says he can’t decide whether the destruction of Western values by the leftist intellectuals happened accidentally or intentionally.

It was clearly intentional. It was the declared goal of the Frankfurt school – the inventors of Cultural Marxism. It was their reason for their development of CRITICAL THEORY which is til today used to instrumentalize every minority the intellectuals can find as battering ram against the family, against Christianity, against a peaceful society. Critical Theory is not a theory at all, it is the marching orders, the battle plan – like the Quran is the battle plan for islamic world domination. And that of course explains why leftist intellectuals are keen to also use Muslim immigrants as another battering ram against Western capitalist society – and Muslims are happy to use Western intellectuals as destructive engine to bring down the West.

We know how this alliance ends from the Machtergreifung of the Ayatollahs in Tehran. The left had allied itself with the Ayatollahs against the Schah. In the end the Leftists found themselves hanging from lamp posts. Not a joke, not an exaggeration, not a figure of speech; the leftist intellectuals who helped motivate a popular uprising against the Schah were hanged by the religious after they had served their purpose.

Oh and now you know why the Left after each islamic terror attack in the West calls Muslims the real victims and denounces Islam critics, instead of, say, showing determination to rout out islamic terror. Don’t ever expect them to change this behaviour. Individual leftists will simply stop being leftists; their movement will shrink like an ice cube in the sun; but the leftist movement itself will continue this behaviour.

At the moment we can clearly see this shrinkage in the UK in the shrinking of Labour, and in Germany in the shrinking of the SPD. Even though MERKEL of the “conservative” CDU is the main culprit in flooding Germany with Muslim “refugees”, the social-democrat SPD is the party that has the meltdown. People just vanish from the socialist movements as they recognize what the Left is about now. And the Left can’t change their rethoric.

BTW events like in that Evergreen college where Blacks educated by culturally marxist professors chased the Whites from Campus are no surprise and perfectly predictable if you keep the blueprint Critical Theory in mind. Anything that damages society is the explicit goal.


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