Kathy Griffin Gets Atheism

One of many articles with her posing with a beheaded Trump.

She is a leftist atheist comediennen and she illustrates my point about atheists perfectly: They are absolutely determined to kill anyone who stands in their way. Any human being can be killed if he stands in the way of atheist Leftism.

Before you say, but ISIS does it as well and they’re religious, notice that that is not a defense but a confirmation of my point. It is called a Tu Quoque (“you too”) and it is not a defense. It is a counterattack that ACCEPTS the validity of the original claim, otherwise a counterattack would not be necessary.

The Tu Quoque is the conditioned reflex of the atheist Gutmenschen whenever an imported Muslim murders 20 girls in Europe: They immediately say “But Christians do it as well.” Well of course no, they don’t; but that doesn’t even matter: The moment you do your Tu Quoque you have accepted the claim.

Atheists and ISIS kill for different reasons. Atheists kill because they see killing as nothing remarkable at all. ISIS kills because they believe it gets them a ticket to paradise.

Notice how Griffin, a public figure whose income depends on attracting an audience, did the photo exactly as a career move: She was entirely convinced that her leftist atheist audience would just LOVE to see this. And she’s correct about that.

It’s only that the leftist atheist organisations like CNN – who fired her – must publically continue to pretend to have morals or lose about half of their audience.

Make no mistake. Griffin will not be supported by any company and her career has ended. But that’s not because her leftist atheist fans don’t love her for her psychopathic photo. They surely do. They just don’t have the power to keep her in business.

Also, as deeply sex-obsessed audience, they would love a prettier face doing that beheading, like piano-licking Miley Cyrus or satanic skank Katy Perry. So Griffin will just vanish.


7 thoughts on “Kathy Griffin Gets Atheism”

  1. Some atheists tend to misunderstand my point. They say, “But we’re NICE people! We won’t kill anyone!” Well you have absolutely no reason to be nice as your purely materialist ideology tells you that there is NOTHING THERE in the other person but electrochemical automatic reactions. AND that there is NOTHING THERE IN YOURSELF. Automata can be killed – or switched off – , it’s equivalent to a disassembly of a part in a factory.
    Don’t tell me you’re nice. Nice isn’t even a word in materialist atheism. It has no meaning in that ideology. Nothing has.


    1. You remind me of TOS Star Trek episode: “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” In the end, android Dr. Korby tries to convince Nurse Chapel and Captain Kirk that he really is human while making machine-like statements. This was after the female android had just killed the Kirk android without any inhibition.



      1. Sounds like a funny script.

        But with regards to Turing Test / Ghost In The Shell like things; I do consider the possibiliy that the entire universe could be spiritual and that a computer could be a possible substrate for a soul. That’s more like an animist / pantheist thing – but one could also see it as compatible with the concept of the LOGOS.

        It would solve the dilemma that a new quality – a soul – manifests itself in a body made of matter. Maybe it is not essential that we are made of flesh, but the important thing is structural. In that case, plasma vortices might be possible soul receptors as well.

        This is a completely anti-materialist concept, of course. Also reminds one of Shintoism.


      2. That hypothetical computer would have to be different from our current deterministic automata. I’m thinking of analog neuron-emulating circuitry.


  2. >>
    Griffin will not be supported by any company and her career has ended.
    . . .
    So Griffin will just vanish.

    I’m not sure. I’ve been reading comments from your links (and others) on this and her fans are very supportive: “It’s comedy; get over it.” You have to wonder about a world view where Griffin’s action is okay. Had a conservative comedian (or comedienne) done this to a favorite of the left like Hillary, Bill, or (horrors) Obama, we’d have never heard the end of it. It’s the double standard in full play.

    Is this really the end of Griffin, or will she miraculously bounce back like so many of her liberal colleagues and politicians?



    1. The photographer has spoken out–Shields told the Daily News, “But it’s art. When you make art, you can do anything you want.”

      You can also suffer the consequences for making stupid decisions.



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