The Problem With Radiometric Dating Methods

This video by Dr. Jim Mason talks about the principal method of dating objects by measuring the ratio  between radionucleide isotopes and their respective decay products, and how it fails.

Specifically, newly formed volcanic material was dated and the results are all over the place in the millions of years range. When the result should have been about 50 years.

The major reason of materialist scientists to insist that their dating methods work is so that they can have an old Earth – which is absolutely required to be able to claim that evolution works.

I’ve been mentioning lots of bone findings with their respective datings here, e.g. very old bones in Mexico, the 7 million years old Graecopithecus in Southern Europe, the 300,000 years old spears in Schöningen, Germany etc.

All of these ages are of course questionable if radiometric dating is as worthless as it seems.

Surprise Find: Neanderthals Are Humans With A Different Methylation Pattern

And for reference, the Neanderthal went “extinct” ca. 40k years ago, well more like, he disappeared in racial mixing. Also, it looks like we can revert to the Neanderthal phenotype any time just by changing our methylation pattern. Soo…. there’s not even a difference. The “genetic difference” is just the individual difference between people and the change in appearance comes through epigenetics.

Wait, this is interesting. If the methylation pattern is such a mighty set of control knobs that it can transform a modern human into what looks like a Neanderthal and vice versa,  meaning, the same genome can produce an entire spectrum of appearance, then how is natural selection supposed to improve the genome? Yeah I get how a short legged guy might starve to death because he’s not as good in running after an antelope. But, when he has the same genome as his long legged cousin, how does the death of one of them promote a better genome when there is no such thing involved?

The explanation of the evolutionists is that they have none. They describe the exact problem I just described and then say, that’s how it works.

They’re frauds.

Oh, and Darwin of course never knew that there is a genotype. He only saw the phenotype and never knew about genes.

And, you can now forget ALL of the artistic representations of Neanderthals. They’re pretty much us.

We should start showing the Romans or the medieval Germans with ape-like faces. After all, they lived in the past, so they must have been apes. The Neanderthal looks like one in the “reconstructions”, so why not Julius Caesar as well?


One thought on “The Problem With Radiometric Dating Methods”

  1. Exactly right, Dirk.

    Dating by sedimentation rates? I measure sedimentation rates today. They’re slow. To date the past, especially the distant past, I have to make assumptions, taken as true, BY FAITH. One such assumption is that sedimentation rates today are similar enough to past rates that I can extrapolate from those. Okay, but if I do it, I must put large error bands on my age estimates. Oh, yeah, they’re all estimates.

    We do not know how old the Earth is. The Christian Bible does not say how old the Earth is. It just says that the physical Earth existed before life on it did, in a series of before and after eras. [Yes, the days are not literal.] What I can say is that it is old enough to have a solid crust 10 to 20 km thick, but not knowing how the Earth was made, I can’t say much more than that.

    Note that radionuclide ratio dating suffers from the same problems as sedimentation rates plus there is the error of integration (mathematics) and errors from unknown (unknowable?) chemical processes, such as water leaching, microbial deposition from secreting proteins that preferentially chelate some metals over others, the effects of supercritical water, and more. [What? You didn’t know that there is a phase state for water called supercritical and that solubilities of chemicals in the water varies when supercritical from the other phases of water?] If the collision theory is true, then we cannot say that supercritical water never existed on Earth, can we? /rhetorical.


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