The X-Men: Salvation Through Matter Alone

Or, Erloesung Des Menschen Durch Sich Selbst – Salvation of the Human through himself.

What is SALVATION? It is the salvation from the limitations of a mortal body
and the decaying physical matter that body is made of. A transcendence of the physical laws of a world that limits us. In Christian terms, a liberation from the fallen world.

X-Men and similar superpowered mutants achieve this transcendence of physicality WITHOUT a salvation by a God. In other words: The salvation of the human happens without God; through the force of matter alone.

Strength Through Atomic Power

Born through the expectation of positive mutations through the radioactive powers of the nuclear bombs, the X-Men and many similar fictional mutants -all dreamed up in the 1950ies and 1960ies, when euphoria about the use of atomic power was
unlimited – acquire superphysical – identical to occult – powers – like teleportation, telepathy, telekinesis – through positive mutations of their genome.

This acquisition of godly powers in the absence of a God in all the stories about the origins of the superpowered mutants shows them to be examples of Luciferian – as in enlightenment -, Occult – as in, salvation through ungodly magick -, and Evolutionist expectations.

This expectation of positive mutations by chance changes was , after the discoveries of Marie Cury, Lise Meitner and Otto Hahn, so common that labs were built that planned to commercialize mutant lifeforms – by irradiating animal and plant embryos and selecting the positive mutants, quickly beating old methods of plant and animal domestication and cultivation and ushering in an era of unheard of malleability of lifeforms for the gain of humanity.
These labs NEVER produced a useful product. No positive mutations occured. The labs have all been silently closed down starting in the 70ies.

We All Deteriorate

If unguided evolution were possible, positive mutations would have had to occur in large numbers. Just count the genetic differences of humans and chimpanzees and divide 7 million years by the number of generations. I think we should see one positive mutation per generation. Instead we see 100 to 200 negative mutations per generation per child. (per Dr. Sanford)

Idiocracy is the correct future vision. X-Men is the false vision.
The X-Man of the future will be the one who deteriorated the least.
The current importation of IQ 70 populations into Europe by the Brussels elite and by
MERKEL accelerates the process greatly, but the trend was downwards even before that.

Which is exactly what the Laws Of Thermodynamics would predict. Every copy has some errors. Natural Selection cannot wipe all of them out without eradicating ALL the offspring.

Go, Prove Me Wrong. It Shouldn’t Be Hard At All If Evolution Works.

What will make me reconsider this? Proof of a spontaneous positive mutation that
produces a new capability. Antibiotic resistance doesn’t count: These are DELETERIOUS mutations that destroy the capability of the bacteria to process certain chemicals; as a side effect they become insensivite to a poison. In the absence of the poison, the antibiotic resistant bacterium has a selective disadvantage because it has a less capable metabolism. In other words, these mutations do not CREATE a capability, they destroy one.

How then did humanity develop from the graecopithecus? Godly intervention seems like the most plausible explanation as long as the creation of whole new subsystems through random changes, and continuous up-development cannot be shown.

It shouldn’t be difficult for the evolutionists at all to prove their theory experimentally. Take a fishtank full of algae and irradiate them and see complex life forms evolve.

Why don’t they? Not once? There’s trillions of algae in there dividing every 30 minutes. Should take a mere days to see first positive mutations. They never do that experiment. Why? It would be exciting. Every zoo could show such an experiment and visitors could track how the fascinating life forms learn new tricks from month to month.

Evolution is a pseudoscience and the X-Men are impossible.

Why They Keep Repeating The Mantra

BTW the reason the cinemas are BRIMMING with these fantasy creatures is simply that the film rights to them have been pawned by Marvel in the 199oies in bankruptcy proceedings and they revert back to Marvel if the current holders do not use them every 3 to 4 years.

So the X-Men will stay the mythical materialist Gods of the brainwashed atheist masses, filling their spiritual void with the mythical equivalent of high fructose corn syrup.

Why I Keep Banging On

Why am I nevertheless addressing the topic of superhero comics so often? Simple: High art has deteriorated to talentless meaningless overpriced Dreck. Only comics and computer games still depict the human body. I am interested in that. It can be extremely enjoyable if done right.

Marvel of course currently delivers such a pityful assortment of Scheisse that I am totally fascinated by how they manage to collapse so fast – and how it is related to the SJW infestation – which again, proves my point about devolution: The SJW morons ARE the future: They ARE idiocracy.





One thought on “The X-Men: Salvation Through Matter Alone”

  1. Oh, and high art currently preaches Multiculturalism and Islamisation. The Documenta in Kassel has just opened, a biannual art exhibition by highly subsidized artists from all over Europe. They do things like presenting remains of some “refugee” boats and declare them to be art. A huge festival for the Gutmenschen; programming for the masses. Most German schoolkids are dragged there once in their school career. Sort of like the Auschwitz Of Art.


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