White Genocide Through Sunblockers

…and what to do about it.

Sperm quality suffers through a certain family of sunblockers, Danish scientists find out.

As only whites apply copious amounts of sun screen, this explains the collapsing fertility of whites. There are two families of sunblockers though.

One are the anorganic mineral-based, like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Those do NOT influence sperm metabolism and leave it intact.

The others are organic compounds like Homosalate. TRAGICALLY these are currently recommended by other researchers as being more effective.

So IF you want to reduce the UV radiation you receive while at the same preserving a future for our children – use the less effective anorganic sunblockers, or none at all.

If you need to find out more about the group of compounds that are spermicides, google for homosalate, that’s one of them.

Me, as an office worker in Germany, on the latitude of Alaska, I’m glad for any UV ray that hits my skin while biking to and from work in the short summer. There’s no UV at all here from October to March. Sunblockers absorb some of the UV and therefore reduce your Vitamin D production. The skin cancer protection must be weighed against the Vitamin D deficiency. I see sunblockers as unhealthy for me for this reason alone.

All the immigrating negroes will suffer from chronic Vitamin D deficiency here. Their pigmented children as well. This will lead to an epidemic of paranoid schizophrenics, as Vitamin D is crucial for the developing nervous system.

That’s why we’re pale in the first place.

The consequences of the migration of brown-skinned peoples will therefore lead to destroyed cities like Detroit or Baltimore in Germany. This could be somewhat prevented by administering megadoses of Vitamin D but I don’t see that happening. The imported peoples would see such a campaign with distrust – like the Somalis in Michigan see vaccinations already. Also, the necessity of such an intervention is not recognized. The Burqa-like cloths of traditional Muslim women will exacerbate the problem during their pregnancies. The result will be that the already crazy immigrants will give birth to entirely dysfunctional children.

Does this sound bad? Oh you bet it does. Globalism turns out to be much worse than even the Globalists thought it would. They are science-denying idiots. Basic science. Their dreams of creating a uniform brown skinned race will never work because they are idiots.



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