Comic: More About Marvel’s Collapse

Interesting, because it is such a perfect example of the fate of an SJW-converged organisation. There’s no turning back, this is a total wipe out. AND, I found the channel of “Diversity & Comics”, a comic creator himself who churns out tons of detailed analysis for a month now. And he’s sardonic. Which I like.

Obviously, Marvel tries to pander to minorities, hoping they will buy product if it’s  racist and segregationist enough. These are attempts to prepare for the non-white future of the USA: hire brown authors writing about brown superheroes protecting brown people, for a brown audience.

They could at least have made her possessed with the powers of Quetzalcoatl or something. And have her eat Tacos all the time to replenish her powers. SJW’s are so boring they can’t see the possibilities of making their crap even slightly interesting.

Oh and important point: Women instantly recognize each other even across racial divides because they share being members of the largest opressed victim group on the planet, probably across the entire universe since Marion-Zimmer Bradley’s imagined Druidic Matriarchat of Mists Of Avalon ended. I know that hivemind nature from my ex-wife, they all read Vogue to get the updates from their female Führer and behave synchronically. Like a botnet.


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