Comic: A Comparative Analysis Of Supergirl Vs. Powergirl

We all witnessed the devolution of Marvel into a SJW mess with no more artistic or storywriting capability. Their arch nemesis DC on othe other hand is outright boring in the maintaining of reasonably high standards of depicting the superhero physique and inventing suffenciently consistent nonsense stories around it.

So I was very glad to find this detailed analysis of the differences in the appearances of Supergirl and her genetically identical Cryptonian parallel universe clone Powergirl; and the reasons thereof. This is exactly what we need.

Why should we take this seriously? Well, all feminist critics of the appearance of women in comics and video games do. For them it’s IMPORTANT how a woman looks in art. So there. Of course Powergirl’s tits are huge. She’s a Kryptonian that’s why. (And why does Laureline of Valerian fame look so hot? SHE’s FRENCH. Idiots. Have you never been to France before it became a copy of West Africa? Too bad because you should have. Just to look at les filles. No that’s not a body part.)

And to show just how beginner-level the art of Marvel is these days, look at this. Or don’t look at this. Look at the wall.  It’s a sub par web comic style now.

That’s what they actually try to sell. It’s like Coca Cola replacing their formula with camel shit. Imagine. That’s the company Jack Kirby worked for when he invented the Fantastic Four and Spiderman together with Stan Lee. BTW, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were both Jewish. Real names Lieberman and Kirbykovsky. Or something. Jack Kirby was perfect in depicting human bodies in motion; allegedly because he watched streetfighting including gang members  running up and down the fire escape stairs outside in New York as a kid.

You would think that with todays video technology a professional comic company would teach their employees how to do that. All you have to do is tracing video stills of real fighters. Computer puppetry and action figures don’t cut it yet because the interplay of the muscles is not properly simulated.


3 thoughts on “Comic: A Comparative Analysis Of Supergirl Vs. Powergirl”

    1. I hear that the more expensive computer puppets do have flexing muscles. So called morph targets in the sceletal definition. So this will get more acceptable.


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