The Game: German Kids Make Leftist Teacher Quit

This from the beast itself: the leftist-Globalist SPIEGEL, owned by the tax-free foundation BERTELSMANN, the globalist media goliath of Germany, incessantly promoting border abolition, mass immigration, diversity and full spectrum cultural marxism, mostly with their Idiocracy TV network RTL.

So. Leftist woman studies to become a teacher and gets her first classes. What happens next? Will Muslim kids demand she wear a Burqa? Nope. Worse. Much worse.

The kids turn out to be Germans, and they’re intelligent and try to get good grades. Optimal material for demoralization and conditioning, thinks our young teacher – wait, she phrases it differently, “for open debates about policies”.

German source

So she gets to work.

In a ninth grade, when I held a representative session on the distribution of roles between men and women, I issued a work sheet. The students should indicate which of the theses they agree and which do not. One said: “Men should always be the main earners of a family.” In the evaluation it was found that all 25 had obediently checked “no”.

I turned to the guys of the class: “Imagine you were 30 now and you had a small family, your wife earns 1000 euros more per month than you, so you can afford more: Who of you has secretly a problem with the fact that he brings home less money than his wife? ”

“There are no grades today”

Not a single student showed up, but I saw some grin at each other. “This is a post office, there are no notes,” I said. And lo and behold, one arm after the other went up. Finally, 13 of 14 boys answered “Yes” if they had a problem with their wife, who is the main earner.

“Why did you just answer ‘No’?” “Well, because that’s the right answer,” a student said. “But you should express your personal opinion. Can there be ‘right’ or ‘wrong’? “Sure, when it affects the score!”

So. The kids understand the game and are determined to bat 100. It’s a quest, the Boss is the leftist teacher, and when you beat her she drops loot.

And it’s FUNNY because the kids have absolutely no qualms about claiming whatever the leftist wants. It’s simply a spell that you use to make the boss drop the loot.

And the brazen lying of the kids shatters all illusions our leftist techer had about creating the New Man through the strength of our arguments.

Kids, there are 72 genders! How do you like that? Well sure, Miss Teacher, 72 genders, if you say so.

The article goes on to tell how she calls it quits and doesn’t know what to do next.

Hey girl! You got a face for radio! Apply at Deutschlandradio Kultur, they’re communists over there (they really are) and directly payed by the state! And nobody listens to them! You get fat and old, and we ignore you! How about that! Everyone’s happy!

Fun thing is, the workday she describes is as smooth sailing as it gets yet it drives her nuts. Maybe I should become a teacher! Sounds like good money for no work at all!




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