Out Of Africa Theory Busted

7 million year old tooth found in Balkans proven to be of a proto-human by international scientist team, including German Madelaine Böhme.

German source


  • microscopic tomography reveals the molars were merged which is so only in humans, not in apes, so the fossils belong to the human line – Graecopithecus freybergi to be specific. I didn’t even know there were Greek pitheci. Oh I see, they named it that way. It’s the first Graecopithecus ever named.
  • Climate at the time speaks for Steppe environment in Southern Europe, so the orthodox assumption that upright walking developed as adaption to Steppe holds.

For a critter it doesn’t matter how we call the land it lived in today – Europe or Africa. But, this has quite a bit of symbolic value for the “we are all Africans” crowd (which is the leftist Rousseau-Noble-Savage-Civilisation-Is-Evil crowd).

Expect lynching mobs in the communist anthropology departments.

We are all Europeans now.



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