Merkel: Trump Is Destroying The Universe

MERKEL is an arch-globalist – and warmunism is the primary weapon of the globalists to enslave all nations under a world dictatorship. So, she doesn’t REALLY believe it. But, she said it: The Paris Climate Treaty is necessary “to preserve creation”. In other words, TRUMP is about to literally destroy all of creation. Source – German State Media:

” Das Pariser Abkommen sei nötig, “um unsere Schöpfung zu bewahren”. “

“We need this Paris agreement to preserve our creation, and this decision cannot and will not stop us in climate protection.” To everyone who is important to the future of our planet, I say: Let us go the way together so that we can be successful For our Mother Earth. “

Interesting: She talks about creation but not about a creator. Instead she talks about “Mother Earth”. According to Genesis “the Earth is cursed” so she clearly talks not as a Christian – she probably has no idea what the Bible says and doesn’t give a flying fuck.

She’s a complete nihilist, nation-destroyer and Globalist.

Don’t expect any one of these goons to explain how a slight warming ends creation. Warm climates have more biodiversity than cold climates, all else being equal.

A warming of even 2 centigrades is meaningless. We have 20 centigrades daily temperature swings easily, even when ignoring anything below freezing and no one cares. Schellnhuber, the author of the mythical 2 centigrade limit, even admits he pulled it out of his ass.

Anyhow. I thought it funny how the Globalist go all apocalyptic. REMIND THEM. THE WORLD IS NOW ENDING. Ask them to give you their money. They must prepare for their deaths.

So Globalism was easier to kill than expect. All it took was a “No”.


4 thoughts on “Merkel: Trump Is Destroying The Universe”

  1. Since the withdrawal of the USA will make no difference to the climate we must wonder what the hysteria is about. The level of CO2 won’t be changed – the USA will reduce their emissions as they have done since before Obama (and more successfully than Germany or France or Italy) and China, India and the African and Asian nations installing coal fired power stations will increase theirs.
    The difference is that the USA won’t be supplying ever increasing amounts of dollars to the UN funds. So various African dictators will have to cancel their orders for Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Mercedes 600s etc. and settle for Trabants???


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