Film: King Arthur: The Legend Of Social Justice

A negro traipses around in the woods in misty damp England, and a Mary Sue telepathically controls animal to help a perfectly coiffed Arthur find his sword X-Calibur. Also, Karate. Yes Karate or Kung Fu or something like that.

Any takers at the Box Office? No. People stayed away like the movie has the Black Death. Which it has: The SJW plague.

Looper of course doesn’t address the crucial issue but the pictures speak for themselves.  I am still looking for the homosexual subplot.

Very nice that film financiers lost all their money pushing this turd.

Heh. I like her motion sickness story. Also, making a film out of “The Mists Of Avalon”? Yeah good luck with that. The book is about damsels sitting in damp castles waiting for their Dick to come back from a crusade while giving birth to five children in a row. I kid you not. It’s like a slow motion train wreck in book form. Women love it. It doesn’t have an SJW angle though. The women have womanly roles – for all I can tell, didn’t read the entire tome.

Reimagining “Mists Of Avalon” through SJW would totally wreck it, so yeah, Hollywood, spend 200 million on it, that will give some proles gainful employment while you lose your money.

Oh wait. Memory comes back. MOA also has recollections of a non-existing pre-Christian DRUIDIC MATRIARCHY. Boy. I forgot that. Boy that was bad. Like, SO bad.

Yeah, make it a movie. Make it happen. I would love to see THAT bomb.



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