The Left Wages War On Freedom

Canada: You can now go to jail for not using the pronouns another person wants used when talking to her/him/vey/it. Trudeau calls jailing people for using wrong words “#LoveIsLove”.

Germany: The SPD-CDU coalition government threatens anyone who utters prohibited words -that they call hate speech- on the Internet with 5 years of jail. MAAS, the justice minister, says “we need to protect our free society [from WORDS that someone says]”. Well it’s not a free society when you jail people for words.

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Super Fast SLA 3D Printer

This video is already a year old, but the technology is still young. SLA means Stereo Litographic Apparatus, a 3D printer that lifts UV-hardened plastic out of a resin bath. While common SLA is known since the 1980ies and was very expensive for the duration of the patent, and slow, because they used a UV laser hardening point after point, a company called Carbon (or, Carbon3D Inc) created a process where they use a DLP projector as used in beamers to project an entire plane at a time, accelerating the process so much it could be used in mass manufacture.

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Red Ice: Karin Smith: The Real History Of South Africa

We see systematic brutal slaughter of Boer farmers in South Africa going on – and rampant murder in the cities. Today there’s 40 million Blacks against 4 million whites  – and some 6 million mixed and Asian – in 1960 it was 3 million blacks, 1 million whites (see wikipedia: Demographics of SA). So the ratio is rapidly shifting to black. The Black government has just mandated that all mining companies must have at least 30% Black owners – even though, after earlier mandate of 26% was enforced, many of the blacks subsequently sold their shares.

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Film: 1981: ROAR: We just hope that nobody dies

Old story but psychologically interesting, and I only just discovered it. Tippi Hedren was the lead actress in Hitchcocks “Birds” where he exposed her to live trapped birds that attacked her. Looks like she enjoyed it – because she later embarked on producing the film Roar where she exposed herself AND her daughter, Melanie Griffith, to the attacks of lions and other wild animals.

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Leftist Army Busy Rewriting The Present

Millions of leftists, whether in the media or in the schools, work feverishly to shape your perception of reality into a vision of bizarroworld, where Trump is a bumbling idiot and Clinton is a genius. Leftist worker drones are busy photoshopping student yearbooks, erasing Trump and MAGA slogans from students’ clothing, and administrators apologize when a student manages to sneak in a Trump quote and recall the yearbooks for “inappropriate content”.

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