Sam Harris And Dawkins Are Intellectual Dwarfs

Atheists like them claim that their rationality alone is sufficient foundation for the Golden Rule (non-initiation of aggression; do to others as you would want to be treated, tit-for-tat).

I have repeatedly called atheists of that kind out and asked them, if you think we’re walking lumps of meat animated by random sparks of electrochemistry then why would killing people be BAD – or evil? Or anything else for that matter?

Jordan Peterson makes the same point and points out that

  • Psychopathy is RATIONAL, i.e. perfectly consistent with the materialist worldview
  • Morality does NOT automatically and necessarily follow from rationality
  • Nietzsche talked about this in “Beyond Good And Evil” – and was in that regard 150 years early compared to Harris and Dawkins who still deny it.
  • Dostojewski as well.

If your time is as limited as mine, read the Nietzsche. Shorter book. Also, a tour de Force.

And of course, this means that Enlightenment (a propaganda term; clearly Luciferian as in “light-bringer”) humanism is built around the core of Christian morality yet removed this core – like a cast – and is therefore an empty shell with the foundation missing; resulting in the slaughter of the 20th century. Something that Nietzsche predicted when he said “God Is Dead, we killed him, and they’re won’t be enough water to wash away the blood”.

The atheists WANT to behave like moral people but they have removed the reason to.

Oh and back to my “lumps of meat” question I also asked some of them, why are you against eating animals if they’re also just walking lumps of meat? To which they answered, because they feel pain. Which isn’t even true when you stun them before you kill them – but, why would THAT particular electric impulse – IF the animal felt pain – have any meaning? A nerve signal that signals pain has no evil. My shoulder currently causes me pain. It’s a signal from my body that I should rest it until my body has repaired the damage. So I’m thankful for that signal. It’s not evil.

If you’re an “ethical vegan” and an atheist at the same time, your position is arbitrary and neither rational nor reasoned. Well actually your position is molded on your understanding of your Christian ethics that you deny having – that continue to exist as a habit of our society and that get eroded more and more by commercialized depravity and import of peoples with different ethical systems into our countries.

Those peoples still HAVE the core of their belief systems – and they are TRIBAL belief systems. Enlightenment humanism will be shattered into a million pieces by the collision for it is hollow.



5 thoughts on “Sam Harris And Dawkins Are Intellectual Dwarfs”

  1. Why do you behave like you do just because God says so? And why do you have to be so negative? ‘Walking lumps of meat’? I don’t think the danger is atheists leaving religion… It’s theists leaving religion with such negative outlooks on life.

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    1. “Why do you behave like you do just because God says so? ”
      You have a creator who was so kind as to give you a hint of what moral behaviour is. You can take the advice or leave it. Leave it at your own risk. It leads to your own demise.

      “And why do you have to be so negative? ‘Walking lumps of meat’?”

      What do you prefer? “DETERMINISTIC BIOMACHINE” maybe? Or “CELL COLONY”? Yeah, cell colony, I like that. Sounds so democratic. Hello, cell colony.


      1. ‘What do you prefer? “DETERMINISTIC BIOMACHINE” maybe? Or “CELL COLONY”?’
        How does this change with a God, other than your increased pessimism? That’s like me saying a house is a house, unless it wasn’t built by a God, in which case it’s just a lump of bricks.


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